Over the last few month's since we first launched the making money from home blog , we've learned a ton from over 2000 readers and other e-book customers, hundreds or maybe thousands of folks have downloaded and studied many of the Site Build It products that have been offered here, and many have emailed in there question's as or comments as they add there final touches to there make money from home websites!

It has given us a rather unique perspective. We don't just publish articles and talk theory. We provide software tools that force us to live reality. We thrive only by helping our Site Build-it customers thrive.

Our customers have taught us a lot about the big picture and the small. I plan to share some of the comments that have came across are desks and touch on the human condition as well as our take on the state of the Web and how it pertains to the small business person.

We have a strong history of helping good people make good business choice's, and hope only the best for everyone we've helped and all that has helped us also! I never have claimed to know it all and never well, I always learn a lot from all the readers input and consider it a valuable source of information and can only hope that it continues to pour in, thanks again, remember bookmark this page your going to need it and post all comments to vango211@gmail.com

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B.V.Balcuns is C.E.O. and founder of a-1directmarketing.com A Internet Help Desk that consults people who are wanting to start a make money from home business! The company use's the latest in
Internet Marketing and Website Technology to make your online
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