Sometimes reading guys can be quite hard. Even in this day and age, men try to hide their feelings, so they wont appear "soft" in front of their friends. They worry that showing emotions will make them appear weak, so many men will do their best to mask their feelings.

Luckily, the untrained mind cannot consciously control all body language signals. As long as the guy hasn't been studying body language, it's unlikely he will know what signals he is giving off.

This means that if you know what to look for, you'll be able to read guys like a book, no matter how hard they try and hide their feelings!

1. The first sign to look for is a warm or tentative smile.

Not all smiles are created the same though!

If the shape of his smile is oblong then the smile is not genuine. To check for this, look at the smile from the front of the face. If you can see the upper and lower teeth, the lips are held back, and the shape formed by the lips is an oblong, then the smile is artificial- and the guy should not be trusted.

2. Another important sign that a man is attracted to you is if he looks you in the eye. Sustained eye contact is a good sign that a guy is interested in you- particularly if he smiles at the same time.

One thing to look for- is when he has quick darting looks into your eyes, and then he quickly looks elsewhere. This is usually a sign that the man is attracted to you, but very nervous. Don't be surprised if he doesn't actually approach you. This doesn't mean he isn't interested though, and you may have to make the first move.

3. His body faces you. Men will usually subconsciously reposition themselves to be facing a person they are attracted to.

4. If he runs his fingers through his hair, or "preens" himself in any other ways. This shows he is concerned about his appearance, and wants to impress you.

5. Standing tall, flexing muscles, and sucking in of the stomach. When men are attracted to someone, they subconsciously try and appear more masculine, and do this by showing how tall, strong, and thin they

Body Language isn't an exact science. A guy can be attracted to you without showing some of the signs listed above. Just focus on looking for groups of attractions signs. if you see a guy doing 3 or more of the above signs, then his body language is indicating he likes you...

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