It might be difficult to tell if a person is telling the truth, especially if you’re not aware of the body language signs of a liar.

In fact, many scammers and fraudsters nowadays are lying their way to profit and popularity by deceiving their customers, bosses, or even their acquaintances. But it is possible to spot them if you know how to read the body language signs of a liar.

We can never deny the fact that words can easily be framed to reflect intent. Words can be easily crafted to make other people believe what you want them to believe. If you want to catch people at it, then you might want resort to non-verbal confirmations on whether that person is lying or not.

Here are 3 body language signs of a liar to watch out for:

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the primary forms of communication. Looking into the eye can accentuate your message, and help drive your point home. In fact, you can practically tell what the person is thinking by looking into their eyes alone.

One of the important body language signs of a liar is avoiding eye contact when they are directly talking to you. Even those practicing the art -- and lying is an art -- might find it difficult to control their eyes from straying here and there while talking to someone. This only proves that they are lying or they’re keeping something from you.

Being Talkative

Practically one of the easiest-to-detect body language signs of a liar is the way they talk. We usually have a normal pace during conversation, unless we are very excited about a certain topic.

If they are talking too much and it’s not a normal occurrence, they might be lying. The reason is that liars feel uncomfortable when there’s a silent moment in the middle of a discussion they’re trying to avoid.

Normally, liars will be talking about one thing; then when a sensitive topic comes up or when there’s a moment of silence, they ramble on to another subject in a jiffy.

Unnecessary Movements

One of the more reliable body language signs of a liar is the unnecessary movement they make when they are confronted with an issue. Normally, cornered liars start rubbing their hands, or stroking their nose, or even setting their hair even if there's no need for it.

You might even notice that these people tend to sweat a lot or their face turn red while rambling on with their alibi. They are definitely nervous about something; this is one of the body language signs of a liar that will alert you there is something wrong with this scenario.

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