How can you tell whether a person is lying to you or not? Aside from confirming the truth, there is an immediate way of knowing, and this is by reading a person’s body language signs of lying. It’s not that difficult to see once you know all the indicators.

Body language signs of lying can determine if the person you’re talking to is being truthful or not. It’s one of the most powerful non-verbal ways of expressing oneself. And most of the time, it’s unconscious, which means that the person doesn’t know how much he or she is giving away.

Being a little too talkative

One of the easiest to spot body language signs of lying is when a person talks more than he or she normally does. For example, when you ask your daughter where she went off to, she might include a lot of details in her story. She might say that she went over to a friend’s house and rambles on about details she wouldn’t normally share. You can raise your eyebrows at this one.

Avoiding eye contact

When a person avoids making eye contact with you, that means he or she is hiding something. It’s very difficult to look at another person in the eye when you know that what you’re saying isn’t the entire truth.

Unnecessary hand movements

Some of the more popular body language signs of lying include the stroking of the nose and playing with the hands. It’s as if people need something to do with their hands while lying.

Perhaps it’s to help give them the strength to go through with the lie or perhaps it’s just a habit of nervousness. Whatever the reasons are behind such signals, you can be sure that there is something to be suspicious about.

Body language signs of lying give a person away easily primarily because lying is not a natural thing. The most natural thing is to tell the truth and the body knows this very well. Hopefully, with these indicators, you are able to guard yourself from lies and spot them dead on.

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