This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Energy Psychology, which addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. Jon Mejia is the Official Guide to Energy Psychology.

Energy Tapping: How to Rapidly Eliminate Anxiety, Depression, Cravings & more using Energy Psychology, by Fred Gallo and Harry Vincenzi, is a valuable resource for people interested in Energy Psychology, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

Book Description
Are you tired of just talking about your problems? Have you been struggling to change your life, to lose weight, or eliminate a painful memory? Energy Tapping is an exciting, breakthrough book in the field of self-help. It is a wonderful guide to the power of our own bodies. The acu-pressure techniques in Energy Tapping will help you to stop sabotaging your life. You can control chronic anger or learn to stop picking the wrong person for a relationship.
Each chapter explores a different problem and provides a step-by-step approach with simple diagrams that identify the meridian points to tap. And each treatment can be completed in less than a minute. The techniques in Energy Tapping can help you reach peak performance at work, in sports, or in your personal life.

The theory is that an imbalance in your energy system creates chronic problems and self-sabotaging beliefs. Instead of endlessly analyzing your life, you will quickly learn how to free yourself from fear, chronic anger, and food cravings, or how to overcome feelings of depression and trauma.

From the Publisher
Energy psychology is a breakthrough new approach based on ancient techniques that allows one to literally tap into one's own energy system, balance it, and eliminate the causes of psychological problems or impediments. The book gives step-by-step instructions for self-administering acupuncture-based techniques that balance the body's bioenergy system and allow readers to live a life free of nagging emotional pain, self-sabotage, and unresolved issues.

Author's Bio: 

This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Energy Psychology. The Official Guide to Energy Psychology is Jon Mejia. Jon C Mejia is a researcher of neuroscience advances and author. He has invested hundreds of hours interviewing men and women from all walks of life examining the effect and cost of anxiety disorders both at the personal and the societal level. Jon’s investigation in this field led to his co-writing “Why Act Like a Mouse When You’re Really a Cat?”, an exploration of the workings of the mind based on the many interviews and stories he collected in the course of his research. Jon is also the co-creator of The Simone Zone™, a revolutionary approach to handling a wide variety of issues, including phobias and other anxiety based conditions utilizing a thought-based technology. This process currently has a patent pending

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