This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Personal Accountability. The Official Guide to Personal Accountability is Jay Fiset. Personal Accountability allows you to move away from a mindset where things happen "to you" in your life without your consent or influence, and embrace your role in the way your life is shaped by moving to a place of true power and freedom.

Flipping the Switch...: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ! is a valuable resource for people interested in Personal Accountability, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

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Leadership guru Miller expands on the anti-buck-passing principles of his QBQ: The Question Behind the Question in this winsome volume of business homiletics. The QBQ methodology aims to replace plaintive, querulous thoughts of "Why is this happening to me?" and "When will others do things right?" with more constructive questions like "What can I do to contribute?" This shift in perspective, he contends, short-circuits the unhelpful behaviors of blaming, complaining, procrastinating and "thinking like a victim," and empowers people to solve problems themselves instead of whining about them. The ethos of personal accountability, he continues, reinforces other virtuous habits, including learning, creativity, service and trust, and imbues organizations with a cheerful, cooperative, can-do spirit. The author conveys these truths in a plainspoken style, replete with business anecdotes on such topics as great (or sullen) customer service, the importance of delegating and the demoralizing effects of e-mail flame wars. Miller's credo of personal accountability is not a sufficient moral code; sometimes it licenses unreasonable-and somewhat ironic-demands for customer pampering, as when Miller wishes a hotel clerk would make himself personally accountable for shining his scuffed shoes. Still, Miller's call for active engagement instead of passive resentment is a useful one that readers will find easily digestible and mildly inspiring.
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Asking the right kind of question is only the first step to becoming fully engaged at work and in life.

In his bestselling book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, John G. Miller revealed how personal accountability helps to create opportunity, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals by eliminating blame, complaining, and procrastination. The result? Stronger organizations, more dynamic teams, and healthier relationships.

Now Miller takes readers to the next level to show how they can use the power of the QBQ! and personal accountability every day.

When a light switch is flipped the flow of energy that is released reaches the lightbulb in an instant, bringing it to life. Similarly, asking the right kind of question-a QBQ-is the first step to empowering what Miller calls the Advantage Principles-five essential practices that will lead to a richer experience in every aspect of life:

- LEARNING: live an engaged and energized life through positive personal growth and change
- OWNERSHIP: attain goals by becoming a solution-oriented person who solves problems
- CREATIVITY: find new ways to achieve by succeeding "within the box"
- SERVICE: build a legacy by helping others succeed
- TRUST: develop deep and rewarding relationships

With compelling real-life stories and keen insights, Miller demonstrates how anyone can find success and satisfaction by "flipping the switch."

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Personal Accountability. The Official Guide to Personal Accountability is Jay Fiset. Jay Fiset is a powerful speaker, a risk-taker, and a leader who reaches his goals by assisting others to achieve theirs. He has over 20,000 hours experience conducting personal development seminars. His company, Personal Best Seminars, is a leading seminar company that provides workshops promoting self awareness and stimulating personal growth. Jay enjoys living life to the fullest. He continually challenges himself and expands his comfort zone by participating in such activities as bungee jumping, sky diving, and fire walking.

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