This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Business Opportunities. The Official Guide to Business Opportunities is Richard Loewenhagen. Business Opportunities in self improvement allow for networking of ideas, products, and resources in the self improvement field with interested parties and professionals.

The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything is a valuable resource for people interested in Business Opportunities, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

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Forbes columnist Guy Kawasaki developed this book from a "Boot-Camp for Start-Ups" that he conducted. The Art of the Start covers all aspects of the start-up: the goals of the venture, the positioning in the marketplace; the business plan; cash management; recruiting; raising capital partnering; branding; and more. This book was written with the realities of the post-1999 stagnant economy specifically in mind. Kawasaki, who is known as the "Father of Evangelism Marketing," has a well-earned reputation for motivating entrepreneurs.

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Kawasaki (Rules for Revolutionaries) draws upon his dual background as an evangelist for Apple's Macintosh computer and as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in this how-to for launching any type of business project. Each chapter begins with "GIST" ("great ideas for starting things"), covering a variety of facets to consider, from identifying your customer base and writing a business plan to establishing partnerships and building brand identity. Minichapters zero in on particular jobs that will need doing, while FAQ sections address the questions readers are most likely to have: Kawasaki covers the basics in an effectively casual tone. Much of the advice, however, consists of generic banalities-start your company's name with a letter that comes early in the alphabet, use big type in presentation slides for older businessmen with declining eyesight, and avoid writing e-mails in all capital letters-that can be found in any mediocre guide. Fortunately, Kawasaki does rise to the occasion here and there. He goes into great detail when it comes to raising capital and offers effective methods for sorting through the nonsense associated with interviewing prospective employees. Copyright © 2004 Reed Business Information.

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Business Opportunities. The Official Guide to Business Opportunities is Richard Loewenhagen. He is an authority on small business and home based business development. He also is the CEO of threes companies: One specialized in Senior Assisted Living, another brick and and mortar Martial Arts School, and a highly successful home based business. As a retired field grade military officer, he possesses a Masters Degree in Operational Research, is a Graduate of both the Air Command and Marine Corps Command and Staff Colleges, and is certified as a systems scientist (CPL) by the International Society of Logistics Engineers.

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