This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Divorce. Divorce is a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage and releasing the husband and wife from all matrimonial obligations. Carolyn Ellis is the Official Guide to Divorce.

The Divorce Organizer & Planner, by Brette McWhorter Sember, is a valuable resource for people interested in Divorce, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

This one-of-a-kind workbook streamlines the divorce process

This completely unique guide helps anyone—even someone enduring a not-so-easysplit—create a complete, accessible record of absolutely everything needed to confidently tackle, organize, and prepare for the legal,emotional, and financial aspects of divorce. Family attorney Brette McWhorter Sember’s The Divorce Planner & Organizer includes:

-Suggestions for selecting an attorney andgetting the most legal help for the dollar
-Tips on how to gather and organizeinformation for easy access duringlegal proceedings
-Advice on required documentation forhomes, cars, investments, bank accounts,debts, insurance, and household expenses
-A tracker to record alimony, child supportpayments, and children’s medical, educational,and athletic expenses
-A personal property inventory and wishlist, a budget form, and fill-in contactinformation lists

About the Author
Brette McWhorter Sember (Buffalo, NY)is a former matrimonial attorney, an author,and a trained and experienced divorce and family mediator.

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Divorce. The Official Guide to Divorce is Carolyn Ellis. Carolyn founded Thrive After Divorce, Inc. to provide success strategies and resources for separated and divorced individuals. She is the author of "The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive after Divorce", which was awarded the prestigious Publisher's Choice designation by her publisher. She is also the co-author of "Power and Soul", with Alexandria Brown, the Million Dollar Marketing Coach. Carolyn is also the host of an award-winning podcast, "The Divorce 101 Show." She is a Harvard University graduate, a Certified Master Integrative Coach™, Teleclass Leader and the first Canadian to be certified as a Spiritual Divorce Coach.

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