In the next decade world changes will continue to be increasingly dramatic. You will find that actively sustaining the health of your brain and nervous system will not be optional, but essential. Brain health is critical to the capacity to handle change at every level of life. And those whose brains are not primed to integrate sudden influxes of energy will find the coming years very uncomfortable both emotionally, mentally and physically.A healthy brain services the whole of one’s life

A healthy brain is one that is well nourished. The circulation of blood to the whole brain is good, the electrical charges flow freely along its neural pathways, and there is the ability to adapt to change through the flexible adjustment of flows of information from one part of the brain to another.For optimal brain health to be established the brain’s function must be supported and/or exercised in six ways.


Certain nutrients, such as Vitamin B group, Omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, are essential to brain and nervous system functioning. And, of course, certain substances impair it: drugs, alcohol, and the body’s own adrenalin are damaging.

The brain needs oxygen. Fresh air and exercise increase the circulation of oxygen. Breathing exercises such as pranayama or Buteko are excellent.

The brain needs rest and recuperation. Good sleeping routines that inform the body that is now time to sleep are important, and sleep disorders should always be attended to.


The brain’s capacity to continue to grow and expand throughout life is now well known. Your brain does not need to deteriorate with aging. Problem solving and learning of new skills are natural mental functions throughout life.

The mental functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain require equal attention, particularly as there is an almost universal tendency towards imbalance. Brain gym exercises are valuable but skill development of the kind most suited to your creative personality style is the next step.

Right brain orientated individuals need activities that help them to set goals in daily management and achieve communication and social competence.

Left brain orientated individuals should explore self-expressive activities that are not in the service of or require approval from others, and those that increase their intuitive capacity.


The capacity to handle stressful emotions is a key capacity for brain health and the body itself. Biochemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol are, in excess, poisons that weaken the body over time.

Equally important and less acknowledged is the fact that the healthy brain requires emotional nourishment as much as it needs protection from stress. Make sure your daily life includes activities that stimulate pleasure, emotional comfort, laughter, wonder as well as relaxation.


You might believe that a healthy brain would automatically ensure a healthy nervous system. But this is not entirely true because the spinal column is also involved in the distribution of information to the body. Disturbances in the spinal column affect the ability of a healthy brain to service the needs of the body. While chiropractic or osteopathic work is useful for physical misalignment, acupuncture and energy healing work, such as Shiatsu or Reiki, targeted to repair of energy flows is also important.


Ultimately our brains are in the service of our evolving consciousness. The person who believes in and cares for their own being, finds meaning in life, is able to contribute to a wider purpose, and operates from love rather than fear and self-absorption has a brain that serves his or her spiritual aspect. But it is equally true that the search for personal growth in itself assists in the development of brain health.

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Suzie St George is an online personal development mentor and educator specializing in neural reprogramming for develop the whole self (soul potential) potential. Her website is