In his book, "The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness,"author Greg Anderson wrote, "Let us be about setting highstandards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If ourexpectations in these areas are low, we are not likely toexperience wellness. Setting high standards makes every dayand every decade worth looking forward to."

He also reminded us that, "When we change our perception wegain control. The stress becomes a challenge, not a threat.When we commit to action, to actually doing something ratherthan feeling trapped by events, the stress in our lifebecomes manageable."

There are times when it's easy to feel overwhelmed andtrapped by situations that we'd rather not face. Thesesituations might even be extremely unfair.

It's easy to focus on how terribly unfair someone might havetreated us. It makes sense to believe that unfair thingsshould not be happening. Simply pretending that a problemdoesn't exist is much easier than dealing with it directly.However, stress builds, the situation doesn't change, and itmight grow worse.

In fact, focusing on the way things should be instead ofdealing with the way they are can lead to disaster, bothphysically and emotionally.

Winners set high standards for dealing with problems. Theyset rules for what they will accept and expect fromthemselves and others. They realize that it won't work tostay on a road of denial, and it won't work to lash outagainst unfair situations by resisting what is true. Theyhave a much more workable plan.

Indeed, winners keep a positive outlook. However, they knowthat they must do much more than simply think in a positiveway. They mobilize resources and prompt new solutions.Self-confidence and courage allow them to takeresponsibility for situations, and take well-plannedproblem-solving actions.

When a solution is not possible, they take valuable lessonsfrom the event. They know there is tremendous life-timevalue in all experiences.

Ask yourself: What are my standards for dealing withproblems? What are my boundaries for the behaviors,attitudes, and actions I will accept from myself and others?What are the highest standards that I will expect myself tolive by at all times in each important area of my life?

Establishing and living with high personal standards canprove to be a tremendously liberating and life-changingmove. It can help in making wise and informed choices. Itcan assist us to experience more peace, contentment, andprosperity today and throughout the years to come!

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