Feeling lousy about oneself is part and puzzle to some people who have low self-esteem. But if you dwell on negative feelings regularly, then you may be experiencing low self-esteem. Such a person dwells in self-doubt, guilt, anger and embarrassment. A person suffering from low self-esteem criticizes himself and passes comments like,I should not have done it, why do I act so stupidly? etc. There are some school of thought that says, if you keep thinking along the lines of I am stupid all the time, then your mind would tend to prove yourself right by making you act in such a way.

We are all different by nature. No one person is exactly the same as the other. If you focus on being low in esteem then you would have difficulty in making or keeping friends. If being easily discouraged, and moody is part of your routine, this may put down those around you and you may also have a difficult time in solving your own problems. You may even have the fear of new opportunities in life or move on into your future. If you ask, can I not get out of this pattern? the answer is a definite yes, you can.

Try not to base your understanding about yourself by other peoples opinion about you. Human beings tend to be opinionated, and if we live our lives depending on other peoples opinion about us, we will be hurt most of the time.This is one main reason why some have a good self-esteem and others lack the same.

Here we give you a few tips that would help boost your self-esteem:

1.Learn to love yourself. Self-esteem is developed only by self-love. The self-love is not being selfish or self-centered, it is the ability to appreciate oneself, being able to look at your own flaws and laugh over it sometimes and move on.

2.Self-complement works like a magic. Just look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are pretty looking or you are nice or any other nice statement about yourself. That works wonders!

3.Dress up but not over dress to kill but make yourself look prettier or smarter. You could get a haircut, buy a new dress or do whatever that will make you feel like a new person, and thus giving yourself more confidence.

4.Make yourself physically fit and trim. This will improve your poise and presence. Keeping fit will also help you to be more positive and less tire.

5.Make a list of all your positive qualities and know that you are unique and there is not another carbon copy like you.

6.Plan to do at least one good deed a day. This will make you see your generosity and kindness thus bring happiness to others and yourself too.

7.Travel to new places and meet new people. You may discover that many people out there do not know themselves.

8.Pay compliments to a stranger but not flatter, be genuine in your compliments and see how happy he or she feels. In return this will make you feel better.

9.More importantly, stay away from those who insult you or put you down. Be among those who are positive and yet genuine about caring for each other. Treat others like you want to be treated.

Always remember that no one born perfect and that should make you realize that you are not a worthless person. So try to see the truth and believe that you are unique in your own way. So no one is perfect enough to put you down or hurt your self-esteem unless you allow them.

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