How about starting a business blog and making money from it. Business blogs cater to the specific niche of business it targets. For example if you are financial wizard and have knowledge of investing in shares, why not start a blog about investing in shares? And if you are fond of books why not write book reviews and make some money out of it. Here’s how you go ahead.

Get a blog first

You will need a blog to start in the first place. Blogger and Wordpress are two blog service providers who would give you a blog for free. There’s an easy signup process that can give you a brand new blog within minutes. All you have to do is give your email address, enter a password, choose a display name, and do word verification in Blogger to get a blog. Blogger is quite popular and has interfaces for language blogging also.

On Wordpress the process of getting a blog is similar. Enter a username, password, email address, and accept the terms and conditions to begin blogging on Wordpress. Wordpress also gives you the option of creating just an identity without opting for a blog.

Focus on the theme of your business

Focus on the theme of the business you will be writing about on your blog. If it is books you are writing about, write all you know about them, review books by your favorite authors, and interview them if possible.

If it is about the stock market, write about the companies that ar doing well and are worth investing. Copy and paste the company’s share movements (there’s no ban on copying charts, as far as we know). Make your analysis in-depth and incisive and your readers would love it.

Similarly, if your blog is about technology, subscribe to the RSS of all popular technology blogs and sites and embed them on your blog. Your readers would love to visit your blog again if you have a variety of information related to the theme of the blog.

How to make money

Now the vital question: How do I make money from my business blog. Have patience, this is not a get rich overnight business. Making money from business blogs takes time and hard work, so proceed slowly one step at a time.

You can join Google adsense advertising program which is simple enough to implement. Go to the above link and create an account if you don’t have one already. Go to the Adsense Setup section and choose between Adsense for Content and Adsense for Referrals. In Adsense for Content you can generate the code for the ads you would like to feature on your blog. This can be copied and pasted on your blog. In Adsense for Referrals also you can generate code which you can copy and paste on the blog.

Monitor the adsense program closely and see which keywords are working for your blog. This you can do by checking how many dollars are accumulating in your account by clicking on the Account tab.


G2bux has a free blogging interface that rewards you for posting blogs on them. The rewards are in G2points, which when accumulated can be exchanged for cash. What is really exciting about this program is the fact that you can slowly accumulate points by contributing a few blogs a day and steadily building up your points. You can even Digg your blogposts and submit it to Stumble Upon - two review sites.

Linkshare is an advertising program in which you as a publisher can publish advertisements of several advertisers such as Western Union, Ebay, Amazon, etc. It works on the basis of click through from your blog to their pages that feature the product/service that is being sold. You have to first apply for participating in an advertising program, consent of which is with the advertiser. Linkshare has functionality to apply to multiple advertising programs and once you are approved as a publisher of the ads of a particular company, you can go ahead and feature their advertisements on your blog.

Business blogging is the sure way to grow your income through blogging. Many people are making a living out of it, so can you.

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