What are the lies we believe?

They are usually hidden and because they are hidden, they are unseen enemies that flourish unchecked.

They come from early experiences we have had and have been formed as a way to protect us from hurt. And they lie just under the radar of our awareness. So they kind of operate on autopilot, and we experience their results in our lives, but we do not usually detect them.

Let me give an example of how a limiting belief can form…

Suppose that as a young child, you observe an older brother or sister consistently getting more praise and positive attention than you do. In contrast, it seems that all you ever hear about is what you are doing wrong or what was not done well enough. The images connected to those experiences are buried so deep that you can only bring to mind a few of them, but you remember how it felt to be you back then.

Well, all children find a way to survive those kind of experiences so that they are less painful. Often it is by creating a reason that makes them make sense. For instance, "I can never do anything right", or "I’m not a good person", or "It’s better if I don’t get any attention", or "I’m not very likable--that’s why they like her more", etc, etc, etc!

And those are all limiting beliefs, destructive interpretations of internal pictures, created and affirmed just below the radar of awareness, and so powerful in our lives that they become the foundation for what we experience as adults. In our careers, in our marriages, as parents, as friends.

Do you see how early experiences, that today you might not consider as important but which, at the time, seemed monumental, could be running the show that creates your life experience today?

Research suggests that these limiting beliefs cause over 95% of every problem we have in life! They motivate our thoughts, our feelings, and some of the harmful behaviors and habits that cause us pain and also hurt the ones we love.

Because those beliefs were created to protect us from being hurt again, they lead us to misinterpret things that happen to us today. We perceive "danger", which creates stress and shifts our nervous system into a flight-or-fight response and our cells into self-protect mode. This kind of habitual stress in our nervous system creates pain and suffering and will eventually lead to illness and disease. Stress has been found to be a causal factor in 95% of all health problems.

Here are some of the destructive limiting beliefs that can be a hidden part of our lives…

(1) I am unlovable
(2) I am unforgivable
(3) I am not safe
(4) I am bad
(5) I can't do it

So what can we do about these limiting beliefs when we don't know for sure what they are?

First, we must make a commitment to healing those hurtful pictures and learning to believe the truth about ourselves.

Then, we can find a healing modality that will not only remove the lie from those images we have stored in our memories, but will remove the self-protective program we've got running that affects our daily experience in the life we are living today.

Quantam physics research has demonstrated that we can harness our own energy to make powerful changes in our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Aromatherapy, homeopathy, EFT, reiki and acupuncture, are just a few of the energy healing systems that can be used to target our limiting beliefs.

Find one that will liberate you from the limiting beliefs that hold you back! Then, we will all benefit from your radiant light and the gifts you are able to offer us just by being you.

Author's Bio: 

Jeanine Byers is a life coach and intuitive healer who helps women discover and nurture their soul purpose and life mission. She offers a free 3-day healing intensive teleclass to remove the blocks and resolve the issues that keep them from creating the life they really want. For more information, schedule a free consultation. She can be reached at healerintuitive@yahoo.com or visit her website at http://pages.ivillage.com/healingjourney