Call centre business has a reputation of being one of the industries that has high hiring and firing turnover and likewise, the mindset of the people available in industry is nurtured on the same philosophy. They are not much concerned about frequent switching like other careers where it goes against you. Finding and retaining right people for the call centre is a well known dilemma, as there are certain shortcoming which are attached with this particular business, so, all the measures can only contribute in reducing them and that's the maximum achievable when it comes to call centre hiring and training.

Retention is highly recommended, go an extra mile to retain an agent who is a part of your call centre, he has pre-qualified, has got-on with the things and you are also able to evaluate his abilities. Make a correct judgment about the skills of the person and offer all that which the person expects by way of any of your company intelligencia. Changing people is a never ending story for call centers; the need of the hour is to change minds of the same people. Recognize their needs and address them instead of preferring aggressive hiring and firing. You have already invested in their training, up gradation and grooming.
If for one reason or another, you are to hire call centre agents, make it a real task for yourself. Do a lot of homework about the interviews and selection strategy. Conduct an in-house meeting with Managers and supervisors to evolve an efficient and effective evaluation procedure that can end-up in picking right people for the job. Look for the accent first of all, that's the biggest selling-point. Your second priority should be the evaluation of overall personality, find-out the sense of responsibility with the body language and the way of responding to questions. Put some of stupid questions across and detect the patience of the person, if he keeps his nerves cool and come up with respectable reply, go for this person. He/she will sustain.

Through cross questioning, bring-out the internal roadmap of the person about his pursuits of career. Get an idea about his endeavors and expectations. Ask him about any ideal call centers' pre-exquisites, this way he will give you his picture about the call centre he wants to join and what things will satisfy him in the long run. Never trash the interview assessment, make it most important document in the lifecycle of that particular agent.

Regardless of the facts elaborated in the article, time 7 again, the only short-cut to get good call centre agents is the experience. Nothing else can do it for you as good as this. So behave maturely, improve communication, enhance flexibility in overall decorum, and facilitate your agents to maximum extent, so that they can be at peace of mind to make effective sales or to offer quality customer service. Time has changed for the employee and employer, now both have to understand each other to fall into long-term relationship, so care for your agents and get care in turn and it works.

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