It seems as though no matter whom you ask this question to, the answer is a resounding yes! In other words, the overall success of your website and online business can be determined by how high you rank on search engines such as Google. It is not just how much you’re ranking is worth that matters to website business owners, but how the revenues and bottom line of their business depend on it.

It is estimated that websites that have Google as their main search results engine, showed earnings topping 3 billion dollars in the first quarter alone. If you wanted to break that number down by day, it is over 37 million. That makes a big impact on the success of your online business, or conversely the failure. These numbers also indicate the direct correlation between spending your money advertising on Google and the net profits generated to you. If it wasn’t making website owners substantial earnings, one can only assume that they wouldn’t be wasting their time and money doing it. Taking that into account, if you want to be among the highest-ranking websites, it is only advisable to list with Google.

It seems that not only having listings with Google matters, but also another interesting piece of research suggests that over 60 percent of search engines users selected their search results from an unpaid result (also known as a natural result). What could this mean for your online business? It means that you could increase your clicks having your site registered with an unpaid or natural search engine that a listing that is paid for.

A possible reason that users opt for the unpaid search results, could boil down to a matter of trust. Research has shown that users prefer to trust natural results more than they trust paid search results. Whatever the reasoning behind that information, it is indicated that you could get the results you want from having natural listings.

There are still many website companies that continue to use paid results and end up spending their advertising budgets on having paid search results. If you do not want to fall into that trap, or find yourself there and are looking for a way out – you may want to consider trying natural search engine results and see if it can help you continue to see the financial results you want, as well as save some money on marketing expenses.

Investing into the natural ranking plan with Google can optimize your sear engine listings and rankings and you will quickly find that the return of the small investment you put forth initially will reward you greatly in the long run in both higher rankings and site traffic. If you really want to increase traffic and sales to your website without spending a fortune in advertising, try this out. Whatever reasons search engine users have for opting for the natural search results, the numbers in potential revenues speak volumes.

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