Can’t Save Money? Then Create Your Nest Egg in a few hours per week!

When I hit 50 years old it was as if reality settled in like a dark cloud and the impact of looking at a future with no retirement package or medical benefits became a harsh realization that sent me reeling. I decided it was time to stop fooling around with my career and find something that provided me with a way to ‘Create a Nest Egg’.

I did not make enough to save anything substantial and I was looking at a pretty grim picture…you know what I mean…living on a few hundred dollars from Social Security and having no way to pay for imminent medical needs. Of course, one can always live off their children but…you understand my apprehensions. You may have had them yourself.

I decided that since I spend so much time on the internet reading the news, communicating with friends, learning new software, and staying abreast of technology that I may as well put that time to work for me. It made more sense to make those hours profitable versus letting the Internet consume my life. Anyone who spends any time on the Net knows that opportunity abounds and we all read success stories.

I had read many of them so, I decided to create my own success story by building a business that was Unique and Demand Driven. I tried many options, researched the playing field and after some trial and error found a business I could be proud of. I joined the ranks of a dynamic team called The Freedom at Home Team and I market health benefits to the uninsured, the uninsurable and the under served in our nation today. I do it on line so now my time is productive and not wasted.

The concept is unique in that offers a discount savings plan and is not insurance. It offers a great option to those who are not eligible for regular high cost programs and it saves millions of dollars every year in health care, prescription, vision and dental costs. The demand is obvious as over 46 million have no health care plan whatsoever.

As a health psychologist, I am fully aware of the health care crisis in the US, having studied it in college. I have been concerned about the slow pace with which our government is addressing the issue of so many in such an affluent country ‘doing without’ health care. So, based upon my desire to assist and also help myself I began marketing the plans.

Projections and the team’s history indicate that one can earn a six figure lifetime income working part time if you work hard. Now that is my goal. I work when I can. I gave up TV and other time wasting pursuits in order to secure a future that will not end in poverty and depression.

We all know we need to save for retirement and yet many struggle just to make ends meet. I, like so many, wish I had started years ago and been planning ahead wisely. Yet hope is not lost. I am working now to build a dream and forestall the nightmare of having nothing to live on. I am so pleased to have taken a positive and proactive approach to doing the right thing for me. I am using my precious time to take care of myself.
I woke up this morning feeling excited about my new venture and I could not wait to get to work. It felt so good. I feel like I have rid myself of a huge burden…and freed my children from the future burden of me at the same time.

Many will read this as one being in need of low cost health benefits and many will identify with my dilemma of no retirement savings or investments. So knowing that, I am pleased to offer the information to others who feel the same dark cloud hovering overhead. Spring time is a good time to cast off the dreariness of ill conceived plans and begin fresh. That is what I am doing and the sun is shining again.

Author's Bio: 

Lana Thomas,MS is a ardent advocate for self-empowerment and being proactive in life. She has studied the Health Care crisis with particular interest and enjoys sharing helpful information with others.