If you are like most who seek to gain muscle mass, the literally dozens of diet and training theories are absolutely baffling! Have you tried programs that promise 50 pounds in 6 months, but neglect to tell you 45 of those 50 are pure FAT? Even worse, how does it feel to purchase supplements that make steroid like claims, yet deliver absolutely nothing but a lighter wallet? 95% of people will have experienced one or all of these dilemmas and, if not...I bet you've tried abdominal machines that promise a washboard mid-section, charge you $150, and end up serving as a poor excuse for a rocking chair. I've been suckered into many ineffective products, and so have millions of other confused bodybuilders.

I hope that you'll learn from my MANY bodybuilding mistakes. The truth is, NO legal supplement provides you with anything even approaching steroid or growth hormone equivalency, and I'd even go so far as to say that NO LEGAL SUPPLEMENT WILL HELP YOU GAIN MUSCLE OR LOSE FAT BEYOND WHAT PROPER DIET/EXERCISE PROVIDES, PERIOD! Even the popular Creatine Monohydrate is a supplement industry LIE -- the slight water retention (not muscle!) in SOME disappears soon after the supplement is discontinued! In other words, it will cost you $30 or more a month to MAINTAIN a 5 pound water weight gain (it is NOT a muscle builder). Is this worth it? You be the judge!

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My name is Francesco Castano, and I'm a recreational bodybuilder currently residing in Lancaster, PA, who has spent thousands of dollars experimenting with pills, powders, and machines that promised magnificent results, yet only left me searching for answers. After many years of using countless supplements for both muscle gain and fat loss, I decided to stop them ALL. I never gained one pound of muscle from any pill or powder, including a supposed "steroid replacement" stack of supplements being sold today. I did transform my body by using the proper training and diet techniques. You can learn more about my transformation at http://www.musclewithoutsupplements.com