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Eczema is not caused by any particular reason, but it is by and large reasoned as allergic disease and may also be named as atopic eczema. It is connected with asthma and hay fever. If any of the family members is suffering from this disease then others will also be contaminated and may cause eczema or any of the other two. There can be various causes of eczema as stated below;

* Change in a habitue temperature or humidity.* Unlike allergies (to dust, mold, animal, etc.)* Chemical irritants: pesticides, paint strippers, alcohol, astringents, perfumes, harsh soaps, detergents and home cleaners.* Physical irritants: synthetical clothes, clothes made of wool.* Emotional stress.* Any kind of infection.

All the above things may cause or may give lift to eczema. Any link with substance that irritates the skin is known as irritant contact dermatitis. This is caused by direct contact between skin and the substance like detergent, soap, alcohol, strong chemical, cleaner, perfume, and so on another cause of eczema is the contact with substances that may cause you allergy. These are the allergens which causes the skin to be promptly sensible to any change in atmosphere.

Allergens can be chemicals like detergent powder, perfumes skin reacts it rapidly. They also include metals like nickel. Whenever you wear the nickel earrings or any ornaments made by Nickel your skin will react it .Poisons ivy, cosmetic and rubber products are also incorporated in this category. Infantile eczema is a kind eczema that often influences young babies. This kind of eczema is caused by moisture from dribble or inflammation of scalp this is very well known as cradle crap.

The cause of eczema that affects the lower portion of legs which is also known as stasis dermatitis are the varicose veins so it may be also named as varicose or gravitational eczema .There are two types of the contact dermatitis known as hypersensitive contact dermatitis and direct irritant contact dermatitis. Direct irritant contact dermatitis is caused by direct exposure to acids, alkaline, detergents and various other chemicals that could really agitate the skin and if it happens recurrently then the condition can be chronic.

This kind of dermatitis is often come crossed at workplace. While on the other hand allergic contact dermatitis is caused by the exposure of skin to allergens that may be physical or chemical matters .There is an significant deviation between the two, for allergic contact dermatitis the exposure is necessary for infection to get caused while for direct irritant contact dermatitis it happens in first exposure like when you first came in contact with the chemicals and you feel unconscious. Additional causes of eczema may be the issue of chemical reactions within human body.

These include seborrhoeic dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis, discoid or nummular, dishydrotic or pompholyx eczema and varicose dermatitis. Eczema causes number of symptoms. All types of eczema exclude seborrhoeic have few distinctive symptoms such as etching. The typical symptoms are skin redness, weeping of skin, inflammation, pain, tenderness, and scaling, crusting, dryness, fissures and vesicles takes place. Any kind of damage to epidermis and the upper layer of skin can cause it to get thicken and dry. This is also known as lichenification.

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