Since the dawn of social networking websites, meeting new friends has been far easier now, than it was 10 years ago. But unfortunately, with the growth of technology comes the evolution of Married Personals websites, making it easier for cheating wives and husbands to prosper.

Media portrayal has made it a glamorous “trend” for suburban women to be “Desperate Wives.” Websites like, boasting discreet connections between philandering husbands and naughty wives almost make the concept of infidelity sound socially acceptable.

While it is always a good idea to monitor your children's Internet habits and recently visited websites, perhaps it might also be just as advantageous to monitor your spouse's as well. is only one of the many who draw in cheating husbands, cheating wives, horney housewives, and bored husbands with its married personals.

Before the Internet became a common household service, cheating wives would have a very limited means of meeting interested suitors. With married personals websites such as, suburban “desperate wives” can meet and locate a like-minded cheating husband with just a few clicks.

What has happened to nuclear family values? Cheating husbands and naughty wives no longer have the initial fear in engaging in infidelity, because it has become so easy with sites like The growing number of married personals websites goes to show that there must indeed be a success rate, among the millions of cheating wives and unfaithful husbands who log onto the Internet every single day.

Other popular online dating services frown upon married personals, so cheating wives and husbands are now looking to and other similar avenues. Married Personals websites make it even easier by offering free profile posting. In the “About Me” section of most profiles, these desperate wives and husbands frequently talk about seeking discreet affairs, many time NSA (“no strings attached”).

So why is it that naughty wives and husbands who are “married but looking,” have so much confidence to be so candid in explaining what they are seeking? Social norm, for one. Meeting on the Internet was taboo, nearly a decade ago. Online dating services carried with it a certain stigma. Simply making these online dating services more open and broad to the public, and calling them “social networking websites,” opened many doors for cheating wives and husbands. The growth in popularity of social networking websites was immense, and soon enough, everyone was now online.

Not only did it open doors for cheating wives and husbands, it offered opportunities for sites like to cater to a market that was otherwise neglected. The age-old adage that “Cheaters Never Prosper,” can now be challenged with married personals websites like -- along with the hundreds of others promoting infidelity.

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April Graham is a journalist and author, having written many pieces of work on family social interaction. Much of her content focuses on the rationale of Cheating wives and husbands, Married personals , desperate wives as well as the false sense.