The indispensable tool for a cheating spouse is a cell phone to stay in touch with their secret lover.

The important thing for you when you are suspicious is to zero in on the obvious as well as subtle clues while not allowing your spouse to know you are on to him/her. The way an unfaithful spouse changes the way they use their phone often provides big and sometimes conclusive proof of an affair.

The following are some of the changes in his/her phone use you can expect to observe if you are dealing with an unfaithful spouse.

The separate cell - A cheater mistakenly will sometimes get a new cell in the hopes of keeping contacts with the other person a secret. They will usually give you some silly excuse that the new phone is for work or business reasons. By attempting to cover the tracks they end up exposing them even more.

Change security settings - Your suspicions should be raised if you find that without any reason or explanation your spouse changes the level of security on their phone. Examples of this could be installing a locking code which stops others from looking at the call or messaging history. If they did not have it before, then why have it all of a sudden, unless they have something to hide.

If you have noticed this sudden change, you should have alarm bells ringing as this is the typical behavior of someone who is cheating. The fact is that by attempting to keep the call history hidden from you, they have just ended up alerting you to the fact that there is actually something to hide.

There is no real reason, other than to hide something, that your average spouse is going to add a security layer to their cell.

Shifty talk - Have you ever walked in to a room when your spouse was on the phone and immediately sensed a change in their tone? They become fidgeting around, speaking abruptly in a yes, no, manner and tense up. These are all strong clues to him/her being uncomfortable carrying on their conversation.

Past calls - Ideally when your spouse is out or in the shower, have a quick look at the history of the past calls on the cell, taking every precaution not to get caught of course. If you see any unknown or unusual numbers make a note of them. You can then check out the person behind those numbers by using reverse phone searches online.

But let me remind you that you should never call up or harass anyone or start questioning them in any way. An affair that is happening is a problem between you and your cheating spouse, and it is not up to you bring in the other person.

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