I have a friend who is a sales professional and he is very successful in his field. I asked him about the secret to his meteoric success.

If you are selling products that everybody needs, apparently everyone is your prospect. This is what happens to my friend. Everybody he sees is his potential customers.

Here is the secret what my friend told me. When he first started his business, he made a lot of cold calls. He walked into a shop and made friends with the owner or staff there. His intention was only to make friends with them. Unlike most other sales people were doing, he never talked about what he was doing and what he was selling.

"Most people will talk about themselves and how great their products are. This unfortunately shuts people off," said my friend.

My friend instead talks about their business or their job, their family, friends, hobbies and all the things related to the prospect.

If you always talk about the prospect, then when do you have time to tell people what you are doing? The time to tell people what you are doing is when the prospect starts asking you what you do.

By doing so he makes a lot of friends and of course he has closed a lot of sales.

The other point he shared with me was he would always think from the prospect's point of view. He empathizes with people. He will not force people to buy from him a product that carries a price tag which is too much for the prospect. He will advise the prospect to purchase with an amount that they feel comfortable which will not put too much financial burden on him.

Tell me how many sales people are doing this. Most of the sales people will do their best to take every cent from you. When you reach home, you feel cheated and you promise you will never see that salesperson again.

What my friend did was he made friends with people so that they feel comfortable with him and they have trust in him before buying from him. And he thinks from the prospect's point of view. This again will make people feel that you are on his side rather than just another sales people trying to suck money out of him.

Over the years, my friend's not only doing well financially but he has made many true friends whom he knows are trustworthy and they will be there for him when he needs them. No wonder he is so happy and always smiling.

From now on, don't always focus on what you want from people but rather help people get what they need when you are with people. You'll be certainly enjoying the success like my friend if you do this.

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