Today, parents are more aware of specialized nutrition for specific problems that arise from infant and children's health issues. Television influences the visual stimuli and since the children are not born with a preference for salty or overly sweet foods, they have to acquire a taste for them. Despite attempts to provide 3 nutritional meals a day, who says they will eat it. Kids are finicky and won't sit still even though, the food is prepared with the best of intentions.

Now Foods has complete Vitamins and Minerals in Orange Splash and Berry Chewables.
Child Life Essentials has a great tasting Vitamin and Mineral in 8 oz liquid. Chewables and Liquids have come a long way since first introduced in the 60's (I was there). Yummi Bears by Hero Nutritional Products has Whole Food Nutrients in a value size, so if you have several little ones, this has 200 Bears with certified organic veggies and fruits, all the good ones, even brussel sprouts, cabbage and spinach, various berries too. For the older ones that can swallow, they also have a Vegetable And Fruit Blend in caps that have an enormous array of nutrients including Green Tea, Digestive Enzymes etc. Of course breast milk is the very best for infants, however your Doctor might even suggest a multi in liquid for little ones. I find prescription ones not entirely full of the right nutrients, and may also have other ingredients from the pharmaceutical companies, that may not sit well with a parent, who would like a more wholesome multi. Country Life has Maxi Babycare with iron in a Raspberry flavor, with all the essentials including Vitamin K for bone development. Twinlab has Infant Care, fruit flavored with Fish Liver and Cod Liver Oil. Bringing up baby means a lot of diapers. With all the new kinds of diapers out in the market including the plastic ones, California Baby has a Calm Diaper Cream, with food grade nutrients from Zinc, Tea Tree and Aloe, with an Essential Oil Blend. Boiron Homeopathics has Calendula Ointment to sooth sore tuchies. California Baby has a Bubble Bath for the sensitive ones, this should be for all young ones, so they don't have to deal with artificial ingredients and the bad stuff from other sources. It comes unscented in 13 ozs and no irritation. They specialize in chemical sensitive children, and have quite a range of products. Now, you pre -moms, that needs some help with nausea and feeling icky. Babys Bliss has a Peach and Ginger flavored Liquid, supporting those endearing moments. Babys Bliss also has Gripe Water in 4 ozs of Liquid. An amazing formula that works for those teething stressful times of discomfort (they say if grown-ups had to go thru that, we couldn't do it). Hylands has Teething tabs for babies and a Homeopathic Kids Kit with 7 items for the little ones to keep on hand for any issue that walks in. This Kit addresses all the various ailments that we all have experienced while growing up.

Ear Infection, pain and hurting! - A Hot Topic in every parenthood, because it's so prevalent. Recent studies of children who have had a tympanostomy, an incision in the ear drums, to place plastic drainage tubes show that up to 52% of young ones develop hard scar tissue, according to Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD, author of "How to raise a healthy child, in spite of your Doctor". Dr. Michael A Schmidt, author of "Childhood Ear Infection", wrote the great majority of all ear infections involve no bacteria, they are inflammation and fluid back up, usually related to allergies, mostly to milk products and nutritional deficiencies including not enough Vitamin C. Hyland’s has Eardrops and Tabs for ear pain and burning. Eclectic Institute also has Ear Drops For Kids, just warm and drop in the ear. Wallys Natural Products has Ear Oil, Almond, Tea Tree, Garlic Eucalyptus, and Mullein (good for glands). You may look into Ear Candling, an old fashioned remedy that cleans wax out of the ears. The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, says that a child has more than 25 percent chance of developing allergies if one parent has it. If both have, it's a 66 percent chance. Most are unaware that allergic and chemical sensitivities can trigger ear infections, a higher rate even in the antibiotic group, so be sure to give Natren’s Life Start for Infants 2.5 ozs. It provides the beneficial bacteria to restore what has been destroyed in the gut. American Health has the Acidophilus in Liquid Culture 16 ozs in flavors of Banana, Blueberry and Strawberry. Child Life Essentials has Life Colostrum Plus with the Probiotics. Colostrum will rebuild anti-bodies and children may do a complete turn about. In powder form you can sprinkle on foods, or even take separately. Also drop in some Garlic Oil, odor free by Wakunoga/Kyolic, it helps keeps away vampires and possibly infections and parasites. For those that need more concentration and more focusing, less squirming and fidgeting, Source Naturals has Focus Child which includes all forms of Phosphatidylcholine (brain food) DHA and Grape Seed. Jarrow has a Liquid Max Dha, which can be added to shakes and food. Natures Way has the Efa Blend Attention Focus, essentials for intelligence and vision. Since Calcium is antagonistic to lead build up in children’s bodies and those that have a Lactose Intolerance with dairy, Country Life has Tall Tree Chewable Calcium in Tutti-frutti Flavors. Peter Gillhams Natural Vitality has Kid Calm and Baby Calm, in a special proprietary formulation of Magnesium and Vitamin C, relaxing nerves and more concentration. In Schools and Daycares, respiratory problems always arise. So when the Immune System need attention Bio Strath Liquid is perfect for children immunity, all with herbs, nutrients and aminos. Herbs For Kids has VI Protection Blend for all Viral Infections, very tasty with Echinacea, Hyssop and Lemon Balm. For more builder-uppers, there is Barley Essence Berry Blend by Green Foods Corporation in Raspberry and Straw berry flavors. It's Young Barley Grass, a complete Phytonutrients (veggies). For problems with mucus and coughing, Boerickle And Tafel has the 8 oz Childrens Cough And Bronchial Syrup for that deep growling bark. (We used to call it croup) Eclectic Institute has Echinacea/ Goldenseal, a natural antibiotic in a Strawberry Tincture, and Herbs For Kids has several blends helpful for allergies, cold and flu. Don't forget the Vitamin C in Liquid by Natrol Ester C With Elderberry and Source Naturals has the very hip Mega Kid (a new one) in a variety of flavors includes the antioxidants Spinach, Broccoli and Carrots (just what they love to eat) What about Constipation and Diarrhea? Yerba Prima Powder in Apple Cinnamon 12 ozs, with Oat Bran and Barley Bran, put some in Rainbow Light’s Protein Energizer. Rice Protein, no dairy, no soy, or sugar, low fat, low carb, Chocolate flavor with a Whole Food Base, and easy to digest. Even grown-ups can do this. Also good to fill you up, since obesity concerns are running rampant.

Throw in Real Berry/Real Green Bars, has all the Berries, and Apple Fibers, makes a wholesome Snack, between meals or part of one. No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Trans Fat Oils, lethal for children with special needs or low immunity. In today’s world pediatricians are now recognizing and acknowledging the importance of Supplementation. There's even more awareness in the medical community as many over the counters are filled with dyes, sugars and alcohol. Parents now have the ability to ensure their offspring will be alright and healthy Naturally!

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Written exclusively for by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Chinese Herbologist.