Did you hear all those commercials, about lowering your cholesterol and they sneak in the nasty side effects like muscle pain, joint pain etc. Since drugs aren't the answer, what is? Try the Super Star Hero COQ10 by Now Foods. Food Science Of Vermont has the COQ10 in 50 MG and 100 MG Chewmelts that melt in your mouth. They taste good too. You can even take this with conventional therapy. All of that lowers cholesterol levels, and helps lower blood pressure. It even improves Heart Muscle Function. Rainbow Light has a Wholesome Program, with No-Flush Niacin, as well as other nutrients. Cholesterol does not dissolve in the blood. It needs to be driven around in the blood Stream, so it doesn't choke off the artery walls. Have you heard of Red Yeast Rice by Now Foods, known for the lipid lowering effects. The Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics has a whole run down on this Chinese Herb. Your fat cells love to store Triglycerides, that's somewhat the same type of fat surrounding some meat. Herb Pharm has Healthy Cholesterol Tonic, with Artichoke, Hawthorne, Tumeric and Senna. Herbalists have used Artichokes for High Blood Pressure, Kidney Stones and as a cleanser. We do need some Cholesterol for our bodies to function. It's a waxy yellow substance that loves to linger in our spinal cord, nerves, and brain. Futurebiotics has a new product called Cholesterol Assist. You will get lots of assistance with a good nutritional program. Perhaps you have been told to take an aspirin, for keeping blood platelets from clumping. According to Harvard Health, this is not the only answer, this changes and fails to address the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. We must get this under control, reports the American Heart Association. Optimal Lipid levels is less than 100 mg for LDL (bad) and HDL should be (good) at least 50 mgs or higher. As LDL's are increased, they travel around and become oxidized and start attacking the blood vessel walls to cause inflammation, blocking off circulation and blood flow.

Pacific Biologics has a Killer Tibetan Herb Formula, known as Adaptrin, reducing Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Triglycerides according to the ancient recipe. The Liver, the center for detoxification, initiates the imbalances of the Lipids. Yerba Prima has all the Cleansers and Fibers for a clean sweep. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just announced a qualified health claim for (don't try to pronounce this one) Eicosapentaenoic Acid, known as EPA and Docosahexaenoic Acid, DHA. They are the Oils that support the Cardiovascular System, regulate functions, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Repairs Membranes, and also called Essential Fatty Acids or EFA's. Health From The Sun has these Omega's and Fish Oils and Spectrum Essentials also has these Oils. Since Stroke is the third leading cause of death, we have to be more aware and protective of plague buildup. There are hardly any warning signs, unless of course one morning upon awakening, you find the Cholesterol collection in your artery walls is leading to disaster. Often times not found, until it's too late! So heed these precautionary measures. Diet and exercise very important, as we know. But do we do it? Health King has the Cholesterol Guard Tea, even with some Jasmine, and Red Tea Imports has The Rooibos Tea, rich in Antioxidants for Immune System Guardians, fruity flavor, caffeine free. Ark Naturals has Nu-Pet Granules, Green Foods for our pets, and Jarrow Formulas has Pet Oil for less inflammation and Heart Health.

Let's not have Mutiny in our Arteries.

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Written exclusively for http://www.Herbspro.com by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbalist.