When we hear the word “wedding”, the first thing that comes to our minds is that it’s a very special celebration. A wedding ceremony symbolizes the union of two individuals who become bonded by marriage. Traditions and customs observed in weddings vary greatly between religions, cultures, social classes, countries and ethnic groups.

Nowadays, there are many types of wedding to choose from. While a lot of people still opt for a traditional ceremony, more and more people are also embracing the idea of having a unique and innovative way to get married. Since it is a very special day for the bride and the groom, it is only important for them to think on what they want their wedding to be like. Some couples would want a small celebration that may be attended by only the groom, bride and two witnesses while other affianced couples would prefer a more traditional touch where they would invite their families and friends.

Among the many types of wedding, four of these are still considered to be very popular. These are the military, civil, religious and non-traditional.

For the military wedding, it usually takes place in a military chapel but can sometimes be elsewhere. Military officers sometimes carry swords and an “arch of swords” is formed where the newly weds would pass through.

The civil wedding is officiated by a Justice of the Peace, a judge or a marriage Commissionaire.

A religious wedding by the name itself is celebrated on religious surroundings such as the church or a chapel. This is the most common type of wedding. When the couple has different faiths, they could ask for options with their minister, priest or rabbi on how the wedding would be done.

A non-traditional wedding would somehow sum up all the other types of wedding that would not fall under the first three types that I have discussed. On this type of wedding, you can be as creative and imaginative as you can be and do your own thing. Examples are online wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding, under the sea wedding and many more. The important thing is that the person who is hired to marry you is qualified to make your wedding valid.

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