First, we discussed how to find your character through meditation and evaluation. Next you need to set goals that will move you out of your comfort zone and consistently practice new characteristics.

Set Stretch Goals
From the list you have created set some goals for improvement. Set the goals high. Stretch yourself. Growth is in the stretching. Character builds when you go beyond what is comfortable.

Character is built when you move beyond your comfort zone.

As a general principle do the challenging task in life. This will be the goal that will take you well beyond your current capacity. Feel the satisfaction of achieving the challenging. Victory is sweet in such cases, especially when it builds your character. It then becomes a permanent part of you, something that you can rely upon.

Be willing to take risks. A risk usually involves doing something that you are not comfortable or familiar with. Reach beyond the comfort zone. Be willing to make mistakes. Mistakes are great teachers. Value such learning.

Take risks. Be willing to make mistakes.

Consistently Practice New Characteristics
Benjamin Franklin, the great American statesman and inventor, had a simple process for improving his character. Each day he would write on a small card a single characteristic he wanted to practice. He would carry the card with him. Periodically he would take out the card during the day and look at it. He would try to better understand the application of the characteristic in his life, and he would remind himself to apply it. He would focus on one characteristic each week.

You can do the same.

Select one characteristic you want to include and develop in your life, the one you want to become.

Write it down somewhere where you will see it frequently during the day. As the reminder flashes in front of you, do a quick evaluation of how you are doing in applying it that day, as well as what you can do to improve and make it even better.

Do this every day.

Character is a foundation of all that we do. Focus on building the different blocks. Do it consistently so it becomes a habit. This will keep you focused on your improvement.

Work on one characteristic every day!

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