Everyone has issues with self esteem. It’s no wonder then that bookstores have entire sections devoted to it. Speakers and authors have made billions touting yet another seminar, book or DVD aimed at self esteem improvement.

What you think of yourself – both consciously – but more importantly unconsciously, literally makes or breaks you. It’s not just a theory it’s a spiritual law. For most, belief in a supreme being, or a source greater than oneself, brings with it a sense that this entity loves us completely – flaws and all. So, to realize our divineness, we too, must come to a point where we love ourselves unconditionally. Unity with the divine – whom I call God is the only way to live a successful, happy and healthy life. In this unity we receive the gifts of the kingdom. We are fulfilled and life is joyful.

Imagine for a moment you are looking at yourself with the loving eyes of God. You are beautiful, loveable, attractive, intelligent, kind, successful, compassionate, and all of the other things that make you most like your creator. Now, in that moment of visioning, how did you feel? Consider the possibility that most of the time you are telling yourself the exact opposite.

So, in order to move on to joy, how are we to correct this psychological reversal?

Face it, your opinion of yourself is at the heart of everything you do, say and experience. A poor self image is reflected in your appearance, finances, career success, and relationships (or lack of). Often it can manifest in any number of health problems ranging from minor annoyances like allergies to deadly diseases such as cancer.

In a vicious cycle we attend seminars, read books and ‘try’ one technique after another, but we never quite connect with the healing promised. Then when the “I can do anything!” glow fades we’re back in the bookstore, or another hotel meeting room trying to find that one thing that will generate all the ‘good vibes’ yet again.

While it’s true that everyone responds differently to the various self healing modalities available, a relatively new entry into the field of energy psychology has shown great promise with a multitude of issues. This simple technique takes literally seconds to do and has been proven to substantially reduce or eliminate emotional issues that years of traditional ‘talk therapy’ has been unable to touch. Its motto is: “try it on everything”.

So now imagine what that could mean to your life. The analogy of chopping down a forest is a good way to illustrate the positive effects of energy therapy. In your forest, each tree represents a limitation on your life such as guilt, learning problems like dyslexia, ADD and ADHA, irrational fears, weight and body image issues, depression, headaches or chronic pain, anger, stage fright, sports performance issues, nightmares and other symptoms of traumatic stress.

Energy therapy is known to be very helpful in assisting war veterans free themselves from the horrific memories and dangerous drugs prescribed by doctors to help them forget. But the subconscious never forgets under these therapies. Even talk therapy under highly trained and skilled professionals often fails to reach the core issues. It is when all else fails that energy therapy has shown great promise. In the case of the veterans, after using energy therapy for a relatively short amount of time we’ve found that in most cases, they are now clear headed, and for some – sleeping a full night without medication. If these brave men and women can find relief in alternative therapy, perhaps there is something good – in fact very good in this technique.

While there is no substitute for professional medical treatment in the case of serious mental or physical disease, energy work has proven to be a very effective adjunct therapy. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people have found relief where traditional methods have failed.

If there are issues you are still struggling with I urge you to investigate energy psychology. Most of the leading modalities of energy meridian therapy are simple to learn, yet very effective. Some forms of self healing energy therapy once learned, do not require continued work with a therapist to receive ongoing results. This makes it a very cost effective option for most. Energy therapy: It could just be the next thing you try; then again, it could be the last thing you’ll ever need.

Author's Bio: 

Jill Christopher is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and intuitive in the Dallas, TX metroplex.
She is in private practice providing group and individual counseling, as well as offering free introductory seminars on a regular basis. Visit her site at: www.JillChristopher.com
While EFT and related energy therapies are not a substitute for professional medical intervention, it has shown to be a very successful adjunct therapy for those willing to invest time and effort in taking responsibility for their own healing.