Imagine if you saw the following headline in the mornings paper. How would it make you feel ?


Virtually all adults not only in the U.S but all over the world accept that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the 20th July 1969 walked on the moon, everyone has built up a belief system around that fact and that people can travel in space and comeback again. But what if I was to tell you that it was a hoax. There are many conspiracy theories about this, It was done in a large movie studio in Hollywood, that they only orbited the earth while the filming took place, all these things have been said BUT do you believe them ???

If you did you would have to question everything else you have ever believed without questioning before. This is a scary and difficult thing to do as you begin to wonder what else in your life is false. This is why many smokers find it hard to let go of cigarettes completely as they still have the belief that smoking does something that they cannot get from life alone. When the image that has been
built up about smoking is false and that the belief system
surrounding smoking for the last XX years has been a hoax.

The actual withdrawals from nicotine are so subtle that in actual fact you should only feel slight discomfort. However one of the main things with stopping smoking is the image of quitting is all about pain, utter deprivation and despair. But that is an image and we need to replace that image with the truth. You need to actually feel what it's like to quit not imagine it days before and it become in essence a self forfilling prophecy.

All the people here have convinced themselves that they need to quit but this may not be enough. We all have two selves. Our outer self and inner self, The outer self controls decision and actions (our conscious mind) like when to cross the road, if something is hot or cold, when to eat (or smoke). The outer self is the high intelligence part of the brain that can decide if something said to us is true or false, real or make believe.

The inner voice (sub-conscious mind) is more of a data collecting facility, this is where the belief system is held, it cannot make decisions about what it is told it just accepts everything at face value and sets up a new belief system. Through smoking you have said to yourself every minute of every day that you need cigarettes.

This is where the Tobacco companies have done some of there best work, showing cigarettes as the allixia of life, paying vast amounts of money to film and T.V stars to have cigarettes in their films.
Most people want to emulate success and beauty, they all want riches and acceptance and to see that on the screen is a powerful image for anyone. It is this image that infiltrates the inner self and it starts to play this image over and over again in the mind until it cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary.

If someone offered you a new drink that, helped you relax, helped you have energy and vitality, stopped you getting bored, gave you immense confidence, made you look cool and sophisticated, what would you say ? you would not believe it but when it comes to smoking it is all possible, why, because smokers have attached smoking to almost every
feeling and emotion over the years and it is this attachment they find hardest to change.

The guilt smokers feels is natural but very destructive. it creates a vicious circle that is very hard to break, you feel guilty about smoking when loved ones are around, this guilt forces you to get anxious, when you gets anxious you want to get away, to get away you need an excuse, the excuse is always to smoke a cigarette. You are stressed about the whole situation, you smoke and then feels guilty
for not being strong enough to quit, and because you feel guilty it all starts again.

The only way to break this cycle is for you to realise you can cope without cigarettes. That there is nothing you can't do when you are a non-smoker but hundreds of things you can't do when you are a smoker.
This is not easy and requires you to have a rise in self esteem and self belief, the difficulty with this is that in order to get this rise you have to do something big enough to feel better about yourself, once you quit you will get this and you will then not be angry and upset but look at life through new eyes.



Ian Clark
"life should be lived, not feared"

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