This is a great way to clear your body and your aura from miscellaneous guides or angels that you may have asked for assistance, and forgot to thank and release.

What of these energies are truly needful to your body and soul now?

1. Think of a tree. Think of a mature tree, on your won property, or a tree that you know from passing by it or spending time with it in some way. Don’t create an imaginary tree; this tree must be in physical form now, and preferably ermature enough to be considered an adult tree. If you have a devic tree on your property that you commun with regularly, that is ideal.

2. Ask the tree if it can help you. Do this with your heart, and you will hear, usually, an exciting willingness to be supportive of you. They also just like being included in human activities at a more conscious level.

3. Visualize the tree in your mind’s eye.

4. Feel the space inside of your body. Now feel not just your physicl body, but the space outside of your body. Feel the space 2 feet around your body in all directions. 2 feet below your feet, 2 feet above your head, and all of the space inside of this area, including your physical body.

5. Feel of the heaviness or see the little patchs that aren’t clear and smooth. These are energies with which your body and soul are no longer engaging. These energies, by simple matter of your seeing them, as saying that they are ready to go.

6. Take a deep breath, filling slowly from your toes upward. Breath into your low back, and them into your solar plexius and chest. As you breath in, let yourself feel all of the space within your body as well as in the space around you, up to 2 feet away. Slowly exhale from the bottom up, letting everything that is cloudy or heavy or just doesn’t feel like you roll up and and sit on the limbs of the tree.

Let the energies that are no longer tuned to your soul and body know that you are not discarding them. They are going to the tree, and will be cared for. Because we called these energies to us (knowingly or perhaps will only a little bit of awareness) it is important that we also release them with appreciation for their coming to our call

7 Take a second breath in, again breathing from your toes up. Again, let yourself feel or sense anything in your space, up to 2 feet away from you. Exhale, with appreciation for all those who have come to help you, and ease them out as you breath out. Let them go and sit in the branches of the tree.

8 Now bring your focus back to your body. Find the space all around you up to 4 feet away from you in all directions. This is a little farther out from your body than your arms can stretch. Be sure to go underneath your feet as well as above your head. Include all of the space from side to side, and inside of your body.

9 When you are ready, exhale, allowing each and every energy, guide or angel to go and sit on the tree branchs. The guides, angels or energies that are farther away from our bodies, but still in our aura, tend to feel diffeeent than those that stay closer to our bodies. They can feel more buzzy, and give us tickling or tingling sensations.

10 As you exhale, let anything that is wanting to go flow into the tree’s embrace. Include your body and all of the space out and around you up to 4 feet in your awareness. Smile, and let this be the natural process that it is. You are clearing the space 4 feet around you in all directions, including your physical body. You are giving these energies permission to go sit in the tree limbs. You are not getting rid of them. You are asking them to sit in the tree limbs for the moment.

11 And finally, visualize, sense or feel the space all around you up to 6 feet away from your body, and including your body. Locate whatever doesn’t feel quite right. Energies that lie this far out in your aura sometimes make you feel a little dizzy or even a little naseous. These sensations are merely our mind’s way of processing their presence. It is how we know they are no longer in tune with us.

12 Sometimes you will hear tones. Let even the tones go and sit in the tree. Remember, we are not getting rid of anything. All these energies cam in for a reason, and you are thanking them, appreciating that their job is completed (because they are not in tune with you) and letting them sit in the tree.

13 Look at the tree in your mind’s eye. The limbs may be quite full of all sorts of colors and shapes. There is no need for you, as the 3 dimensional human, to know more. Allow everything in the tree, and the tree itself to turn gold. Let the entire vision within your mind’s eye turn gold. If you like, imagine a can of gold spray point and spray it all gold.

14 Gold is the color of transmutation . By visualizing anything turning gold, you are giving it permission to transmute itself. By turning the tree and all that is within it gold, you are giving everything and everyone within it permission to go to their next step. Where is it that they need to move to? Where is it that they would be in tune? Where is it that they need to go, in order to learn, and grow, and evolve? You don’t need to know the answers to such questions. Be aware that you are simply assisting their journey.

In my experience, every energy, every guide, even every angel is on an path. The journey is one of growth towards Source, or God, or All That Is. Each energy, guide, and angel, as well as our own soul, seeks to move towards what they perceive of as their spiritual home. At the moment we give them thanks and appreciation, they can step back onto that path. We need not know where they are going, merely that they have resumed the journey meant for them.

Be sure that the tree and all of the energies is gold. Allow the entire image in your mind’s eye to be golden. As this happens, the image will begin to change. The image may become smaller and smaller, until it disappears. It may turn into a golden dust and blow away. It may sprout wings and fly off….let it do whatever it wants. Stay with the image as it changes, until it has disappeared completely. That is your signal that the transformation has been completed.

What if the golden image doesn’t go away?

Double check that you turned it all gold. Try using not just a spray paint can, but perhaps a golden feather duster. Let your imagination be your guide.

If the image remains after several trys, it is telling you something about your own reluctance to let go and move forward yourself. The issue that you are holding onto is most likely the most prominent thought or experience or emotion in your awareness right now. Here is a wonderful use for talk therapy! You may want to seek out someone to help you understand this better. This is a learning step for you. Any self-awareness therapies that we undertake help us to transmute spiritual energies. This includes both body-centered and talk therapies.

I can’t fall asleep at night!

This is a process of release you can repeat every day. I suggest for most people that they do it before going to sleep. If you are a performer or late-nite enthusiast, it is particularly helpful to let go of all those inspirational guides and angels. I find that when my mind is racing, or my body is vibrating, or the space around me is jumping up and down, it is because I have helpful guides from the day’s healings or writings or gardening (nature spirits) or home decorating (nature spirits of a room) or a performance still attached. Breathing them out to the tree just says ‘thanks, see you next time!” And if I recognize unfinished business, such as a decision that I need to make, I’ll ask those who work with me in dreamstate to assist me with it.

This process also works well after a heated discussion with someone. Go into a space where you can be alone, such as your car or a bathroom. Take a moment to ground and find your self, and then drawn your tree to mind. Even if you are miles away from your beloved home tree, it will be glad to be of service. Remember, this is a visualization to let you let go. If you can feel anything in your body or space, that guide or angel or energy is letting you know it is ready to move on. Find your tree and breath it out with gratefulness.

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Norma Gentile, sound shaman, has been writing and verbally channeling Archangel Michael and the Hathors since 1991, Holding a master’s in voice performance and years of study with esoteric teachers, Norma channels both in written words and through music. Her monthly podcasts (iTunes) are offered freely, as is her e-newsletter. To subscribe, and read additional articles or preview her new CD, Songs of Spirit, please see her website. healingchants.com