This year, I intend to write only about the thinking needed to begin the journey to creating Wealth. So all my articles will be about attracting wealth into your life. My motto for this year is "Life is Better Than Great in 2008!!!. In order to live up to that mission statement, we must be willing to give all that we can to others, our loved ones. I use us, we, and I in the body of this article for I want every reader to read these pronouns as referring to you. I want you to know that I am speaking to each and every person that reads this article personally. The very first fact I want you all to know is that WEAlTH is attained by you bringing forth into your life the BEST OF YOU. This is what is needed to having a great life, and know that having a great life is having a balanced life. Total Wellness is the beginning of having a fabulous life, Total Wellness is having a great life and on to having a fabulous life. Total Wellness pertains to physical wellness, mental/spiritual wellness and financial wellness. With any part left out, Wealth cannot exist. You cannot have Wealth until all three areas are taken care of, or are being taken care of. You are in the action of making all three areas of your life balanced. I believe that the very first thing to work on once you have made the choice to creat Wealth for yourself is to get your mental/spititual wellness on track. It has been proven scientifically that our thoughts and words create our outer life. Well then, would you not agree that to have our thinking in order would be the quickest way to attract financial wealth to our life? Most of the time the biggest obstacle from the financial wealth we need and deserve is our thinking, our unconscious self. We can be our worst enemy. Committing mentally to the abundance principles, will allow our actions to be bountiful. So for the rest of the year the articles I write will use these principles - reading this article and following the reccomendations will allow your spirit to soar, and when our spirit is soaring, we will find that our spirit will lead us into all the great things we have been desiring. Of course we have to be able to hear our spirit and be willing to follow its call. This is something that most of us have to relearn since we came here with our spirit in tact. We lost it someplace between our rearing and listening to others instead of our spirit. I will give you the Authors of books old and new that are speaking to us their wisdom that is on tract with this article. The books these people have written have been beneficial for both my soul and my pocket book. Begin to know that all that takes place in our lives is that which we created. In order for this article to be of value to you, you must read the material thoroughly and ask yourself the key question. DO YOU BRING FORTH THE BEST OF YOU EACH DAY? This question must be answered honestly without explanations to yourself as to why not. Just look yourself in the mirror and ask the question, be honest. If you find that the answer is not pleasing to you, ask yourself the other question - WHY NOT? Once you have answered the question honestly, then read the following passage, please do you and me the favor of making sure that after reading the passage, you see how it can assist you in your life. Spend some time with youself to think on it.
"Today I begin a new life." This sentence I took from a book and I felt that eventhough it is a small sentence, it really has a very big message. We are usually in the habit of dragging our mistakes into the next day and the next, etc. This behavior prevents us from being fully present to our life NOW. If you actually did the behavior and action from that very small sentence, you would really see for yourself how much of life you have missed living, thinking from your past actions. Now most people live this way, so we think it is normal. Well, it may be normal, but is not natural. If it was natural, we would be happy and healthy. So for the next few days and as long as it takes, declare to yourself, "Today I begin a new life." You want to make sure that the habit of living from your past is actually replaced with your living each moment you have, fully and expressively. In this new life, give yourself a break, do not drag or allow anyone to keep dragging up your mistakes of the past. "Today I begin a new life." Make sure you are beginning a new life, you will know if you are beginning a new life. If you are, all the grudges or unforgiving things you have against anyone will fall away. This is some of the cobwebs that need clearing for you to move forward attracting all the great things you want in life including financial wellness. Love yourself and keep your word to yourself. Do whatever you do, with love and joy or do not do it.

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