Have you ever wondered why you seem to have the worst trouble with those you care for the most? You find yourself thinking, “Why won’t they change? Why don’t they see what they are doing? Why won’t they listen to me?” Sometimes you have so much energy invested in those relationships that they seem to affect your whole life. This investment of caring can be with a life partner, a significant other, a daughter or son, parents, brothers and sisters, a best friend, a co-worker—anyone in your life you are drawn to.

What if these are the very persons who can also teach you the most? What if these are persons who agreed to participate in your spiritual plan? What if they are giving you an opportunity to grow?

When you see these special persons not as thorns in your side, but as those who love you enough to challenge you to look at what you need to heal, who push you to your limits to see all of who you are, then you can be grateful to them.

Not right away, though. Usually the gratitude is an after effect. It comes after you have had the courage to face yourself, after you have begun or finished the process of healing. Facing yourself is not easy. Recognizing life patterns that need to change, through the mirror that others hold up to you, isn’t easy. Loving yourself enough to embrace all of who you are is pretty scary. If this other person weren’t so important to you, you would probably just walk away.

One way to become aware of what you are learning is through the vibrations of color. Each color brings you a lesson and a strength. As you finish the lesson, you are able to embrace the strength. Usually this lesson can be seen in the color you dislike.

Let’s say you really don’t like red. It seems like everyone around you is telling you what to do. They expect so much of you and are always adding one more thing for you to accomplish. They see you as so capable; yet, it seems like they are always telling you that you didn’t do the job quite right. It feels like you seldom hear anything but criticism. Periodically, you crash and burn either by getting sick or by being so tired you feel like you can’t move.

These are all challenging aspects to the vibration of red. This vibrant color offers vitality for the human journey. Without it one would never get anything done. However, it can be overused until it is exhausted. It can push and scramble to make a place for you in life. It can forget that life is about cooperation and co-creation.

Now comes the hard part. Look into the mirror that others are offering you. See how you are using red in your life. Do you tend to be opinionated? Do you really listen to another person’s idea? Were you the one who suggested you take on the job because you felt no one else could do it right? Were you willing to listen to your body so that you knew when to say “no” and when to say “yes?” Do you find yourself judging others even when you try not to? All of these are aspects of the challenging side of red.

If you can see how the red energy in you has lost its balance, you have begun the process of bringing your intense energy into its inherent strength. Very likely you lost the balance for red by closing your heart because of some deep hurt. The green of the heart is the balancing color for the deep red vibration. As you open your heart, there is more compassion for others in all their various qualities and quirks and there is more acceptance of yourself. Green allows you to relax and regain a rhythm that is closer to the heart of the earth. This is a rhythm that allows the body to thrive and allows for nature to assist you instead of trying to do everything yourself. That intense energy that resides within you can now be used in a way that gets things done, but without steamrolling over others and without burning out.

One way to assist you with the challenge of a color vibration is to breathe in balance through the complementary color. For example, if you dislike deep red, breathe in green and breathe out any excess red. Open your heart and breathe in red and breathe out and excess of green. This creates the balance for a firm foundation of love and cooperation (Green) into your life and brings passion (Red) to life through your heart. Synchronistically, you will find that ideas, experiences, books, people, whatever you need will come to you to help in your healing process.

When you have finished the inner work presented by these other persons in your life, sometimes the ties that bound you to them drop away. You simply seem to head in different directions. Sometimes, the love you felt for them becomes more intense. Either way, they have been your good friends. They have truly kept their agreement to help you even if that agreement was unconscious. Whether the relationship lasts or you drift apart, you can be grateful.

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Arlene Arnold is often called “The color Lady”. Color is her passion and her expertise. Her unique color therapy program dissolves stress in the body and allows you to thrive in every aspect of life. Check out her self-help card decks "ColorCards" and "Luminaries" or her CD’s "Harmony through Color" and "Crystal in the Heart". Understand an aspect of your life through her free "Mini ColorCard Reading". Watch for her new self-learning program “De-Stress through the Power of Color” which will be launching soon. www.TransformationalTools.com 1-877-607-0350