The topic of closet organizing is not usually used in the same sentence as "sports nut", but if you have an active sports-minded family, you may find yourself needing some organizing ideas. Closets overflowing with sports equipment and the inability to get out the door on time because you are digging through your closet looking for the right uniform or equipment can be frustrating for any parent.

Here are some simple closet organizing ideas for corralling sports equipment.

-- Take a look at what you've got.

Is it mostly small sports items, such as balls? Or are we talking hockey sticks? The size of your sports equipment will determine how to organize your sports closet.

-- What can hang up?

Hang up whatever you can. Put racks and hooks on your closet wall to get as much stuff off the closet floor as possible.

You can even use a closet organizing system that utilizes hanging baskets for smaller items likes balls and gloves.

-- Use shelves to stack.

Make sure your shelves are sturdy and can handle the weight you plan to put on them. Bins that stack and are open to the front allow you to access small items inside without taking apart the whole shelf in the process.

Also consider the top shelf in your sports closet. Often that shelf is awkward to reach which means anything you put up there will be difficult to get down...or put away. Consider using the top shelf for off-season sports equipment or uniforms that you don't need to access regularly.

-- Think seasonal.

Another option is to organize your closet for one sport at a time. Put all other sports equipment into storage and only keep items related to the current seasonal sport available in your sports closet. This includes uniforms and shoes which eliminates running here and there to find complete gear before dashing out the door.

-- Consider a calendar.

A calendar on the inside of a closet door that shows the league schedule can be extremely helpful. Everyone can see at a glance what's going on this week or next.

Hang a pad of paper and pencil on the closet wall for notes between you and your athlete as well as notes on what needs to be washed or repaired before the next game.

-- What size are your sports-minded kids?

Closet organizing always needs to keep in mind the ages that will be using the closet and this is certainly true for your sports closet, as well.

Putting preschool age items down low means your kids can help themselves to their own balls and play gear as well as present the opportunity for them to learn to put their sports equipment away when the fun is done.

-- Safety counts.

Of course, safety needs to be on your list as you organize your sports closet. Some equipment is heavy, sharp or dangerous and needs to be stored away from little hands or with protective guards in place.

Teaching your family to put away their sports equipment properly as well as checking that equipment regularly for wear and damage is simply smart sports training.

A sports minded family will benefit greatly from a closet organizing system that reflects their active lifestyle. By considering what types of sports equipment you have, how to store it properly and what your seasonal sports needs are, you can go a long ways towards designing a closet space that adds to your family's fun and lowers your stress level at the same time.

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