I have heard it many times. Many coaches who have been in business for over two years have been telling me that they are not actively marketing their business and looking for coaching clients. When I ask why they are not looking for clients, it always seems like they are waiting for something before they can finally start marketing and get clients:

- They are waiting to get yet another certificate

- They are waiting for their web designer to re-design they web site for the tenth time

- They are waiting to finish reading a marketing book they purchased

- Waiting to …

These coaches have been waiting for a few years to start marketing their businesses! And since they haven't marketed their business yet, they do not have clients and they are not able to support themselves with their business revenue.

Waiting for something to happen before you start marketing sabotages you and your business. Stop waiting and start marketing! I have a challenge for you - go ahead and get started with marketing your coaching business. No more excuses of not having certificates or not having finished reading a marketing book. The sooner you start marketing, the sooner you will build a successful business where you have many clients.

Here is a plan to get started with marketing your coaching business today:

- Review what you have already accomplished. Do you publish a newsletter? Have you optimized your web site for search engines? Have you created web site copy that sells?

Put to good use all the marketing materials you have already created. Doing this will save you time going forward.

- Create an online marketing plan for your coaching business. Based on what you have discovered during your marketing review, create an online marketing plan for going forward with your marketing.

If you are just starting with marketing your coaching business, here is what I recommend you do first: create a web site to sell your products and services, get more newsletter subscribers and write and publish articles online.

If you have already done some marketing, your plan may include more advanced online marketing strategies.

- Commit to marketing. Marketing needs to be done every single day in order to see results. This is why I am asking you to make a commitment to following your online marketing plan and promoting your business online. Once you put time into marketing your business, you will start seeing results.

Stop procrastinating and start marketing. Create your online marketing plan and start marketing your coaching business today - your business will be more successful and you will earn more money.

Author's Bio: 

Biana Babinsky is the online business coach and expert, who helps coaches get more clients online. Get her FREE Special Report, Top 5 Strategies To Get More Clients Online at http://www.EffectiveOnlineMarketing.com/report to learn how to get more clients for your coaching business.