Many coaches enter this field with a certain “baggage”– tandards and rules they learned on their path to coming a coach. They put themselves in a “box,” which limits their creativity and makes true business growth much more difficult.

Larina Kase, a business psychologist, marketing coach, and co-author of The Successful Coach, encourages coaches to think about what they really want when deciding upon what level they want to play. She says: “When I help coaching entrepreneurs to
build their businesses, I always begin by asking them about their long-term business goals. The majority of coaches give me a very modest desirable income level. They base their goals on what they think they can do, not what they want to achieve. They consider what they’ve done so far and add a little to that number.”

Hearing coaches express reserved visions has led me to question why coaches limit their goals. The answer, I believe, is that coaches limit their vision based on fear. The lack of assurance, nervousness, and fear of failure are common reactions for many entrepreneurs, not just coaches. We don’t want to set the bar high and then fail.

We are all aware of the fact that there are TONS of coaches out there and that many are not financially successful and struggle to get clients and earn great income. As a result, coaches wonder whether they can be successful and are apprehensive to set their sites on a high- income level. Many coaches also limit their business goals due to a lack of confidence, feeling that until they achieve more, they cannot play on a bigger level.

While it is important to be realistic in setting your business goals, it’s also important not to be limited by a lack of courage and confidence about whether you can make it. Be honest with yourself when deciding which level you WANT to play on. If you want it, you can achieve it. But if you limit your vision because you don’t know whether you’re capable of achieving it, you will limit your business profitability.

I tell my clients not to get caught up in the doom and gloom statistics. Coaching entrepreneurs are successful when they are proactive and dedicated to making their businesses take off. The lack of dedication and action is one explanation behind the statistics of low average incomes among so many coaches. If you are motivated, dedicated, and take consistent action, the chances are very good that you will be one of the people who achieves excellent income—if, of course, that’s what you want.

Consider what level you want to play on and then push yourself to choose a higher level. Try it on for size, even if it feels uncomfortable. Know that if you commit to it, it will start to fit you very well. You’ll shape your business to fit your vision.

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