It’s the season, or should we say this is not only seasonal, but could occur anytime of the year. Perhaps it doesn't have to happen at all. Who has the time for it? Wellness Formula by Source Naturals, has every herb to enhance the body’s Healing Powers every day. We are more aware in these times of how to take care of ourselves, but even so the stress of modern day living takes it's toll. Standing at guard is the centuries old Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula, especially for those that can't shake off the Cold and Flu and have re-occurring bouts. Since it comes in liquid, just put some in juice. A Sensational Remedy!

Now how about those that want to avoid garlic altogether. Planetary Formulas has Yin Chiao Classic, written up in the Chinese Materia Medica, unmatched with all those Chinese Herbs, you just may not come down with anything. It is also known to help with allergies. Oh you've heard about Snake Oil? In the covered wagon days in the 1800's, the so-called medicine of that time, the one they claimed cures everything, was in a brown liquid bottle. Well known today as Echinacea and Goldenseal, it could be your first line of defense. Zand has the Insure Herbal in Orange and Banana flavor for the little ones. For more prevention and protection of our Immune System, and to fight off those bugs, Alpha CF by Boericke & Tafel is a serious Cold & Flu, Congestion Formula for all those miserable symptoms. Warding off and nipping them in the bud, before it starts to get cha is the very famous Oscillococcinum by Boiron Homeopathics, originally from France. Coughing also could be an issue here. For calming that cough which could lead to Bronchial conditions, Now Foods has Bronchial Support in Tincture, dealing with this on an ongoing basis. Biggest secret in Las Vegas is Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup by Planetary Formulas, also known as Rolling Thunder for those Horrendous Chest Coughs. Wild Cherry Throat Drops are Sugar Free and soothes the Throat. Chinese Tonic Herbs known as Astragalus Jade Screen by Planetary Formulas protect from Cold Wind, tones the body (wei) and (chi) immune defense, energize and warms and can be taken safely year round, particularly for those with weakness. A professional patented Silver-by-Silver Biotics in 10 PPM. You've heard of Silver? Not that kind! or 10 PPM. What does that mean? The smaller the silver particles are, the better absorption into your bloodstream. Silver is known since the 17th Century as a natural antibiotic that works with 650 conditions. Also Source Naturals has a Colloidal Silver Spray for Sore Throats for Red Stuffy Noses and dealing with Allergies and Sinus and Dust. Bioforce USA has Pollinosan Nasal Spray, and they also have a Sinna Nasal Spray for Colds & Flu.

Now we address the Ears. Source Naturals has an Earache Formula and Clear Products has the Stash Oz's (Master Chinese Herbologist) Formula called Clear Sinus & Ear with a blend of Chinese Herbs and Homeopathics. Children can also take this in 1/2 adult dosage.

Here we will incorporate a few more suggestions such as Nutrition Now’s Zinc Lozenges in Raspberry and Orange, not yucky tasting. A Tea by Longjiang river Health called Luo Han Kuo (LHK) 20 Sachets per pack, which has been used in the Orient as an ingredient in soups or stews or beverages for Respiratory, Lung, congestion and other Discomforts. Keeping Our Defenses Up, Because There is A Better Way!

Is It a Cold or The Flu?

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Written exclusively for by Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Chinese Herbalist