Having a conversation seems very natural to some people, but to others it is a struggle every time. There is no need to feel frustrated or upset every time you are faced with a situation where you must be involved with a conversation.

Conversation is essential and important to every day life. If you avoid conversation with others they may see you as stuck up. Thinking you do not value what they have to say or think they are not worth your time. You can gain a horrible social image if you avoid conversation.

There are four great tips that can help you to overcome whatever may be bothering you about conversation.

Tip#1 How to answer rude or inappropriate questions.

Some people are very bad at the art of conversation and may say something off beat. They may ask an extremely personal question or just make a comment that is not appropriate.

To handle this situation you should politely give a short answer or reply without drawing attention to the situation and then move on. Change the subject or if the person just piped up with this, go back to the original conversation.

Tip#2 What to do when you run out of things to talk about.

If you are constantly watching others and paying attention to what they are talking about you shouldn’t run out of things to say. If you do find the conversation running out then try to find something common to talk about.

This will bring everyone back into the conversation and allow it to pick up again. Some good conversation topics are current events or something about the place you are at.

Tip#3 How to kick up a conversation.

Sometimes for lack of better things to talk about a conversation can get boring. If people are not interested in what is being talked about they will stop talking or leave. You do not want to end up with silence or awkward good byes.

So if you feel the conversation is dragging try to bring up something different than what you have been talking about. This is a good time to state an interesting fact you know or to share a hobby. Pet peeves are another good thing that will liven up the conversation.

Tip #4 How to deal with a topic you know nothing about.

Sometimes you will find that the people you are having a conversation with bring up a topic you know nothing about. In this case you have the opportunity to use your listening skills.

You should take interest in learning about this topic by asking questions. This shows you are interested in the other person and you care about what they have to say.

These tips cover four main situations that crop up in conversation and cause anxiety. Knowing how to handle them can make you feel more at ease with the idea of having a conversation and improve your overall communication skills.

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