How do you treat opportunities?

More often than not, most of us walk the pavement looking down, rather than up. We miss the opportunity to smile and connect with passers-by. And I’m sure that over the last year or two, people frown more and smile less. And if this is how we treat each other, I wonder how we treat the opportunities that flow our way.

Digging a little, I discovered some interesting answers.

It seems that people, in general, are not happy. Aside of the stresses and strains of life, one of the things they blame for the way they feel right now, is the state of the world.

Digging deeper, I found something else…

Take a look at today’s media headlines. Do you feel inspired by them? Do you feel the press do much for the you, by way of inspiration and wisdom?

I don’t remember a time when a newspaper guided me towards better thinking or towards the opportunity within the chaos. They are more likely to tell us about a celebrity divorce or a scandal in a reality TV show than inspire us towards a better love life or a better way to handle the kids vandalising the local park.

Another factor is TV… that thing we do for rest and relaxation?

Watch a TV soap. Would you agree it is mostly conflict? Episode after episode of fights, murders and affairs, all based on “Real Life” drama. Compare the “real life” drama to real life in my community. In the last year there has been no murders. There has been hardly a scuffle worthy of the name. And as for affairs… who knows... And frankly, other than people who don’t have a life, who cares! Watching “real life” dramas just leaves you feeling like you need to watch your back… when in real life… you don’t need to.

What else?

Advertising… food adverts: just what you need when you want to lose weight: chocolate and pizza and other fast foods that look mouth-wateringly good. Before you know it the snacks in your mouth and your feeling guilt.

Empowering, isn’t it?

It seems - unless you know where to find uplifting, empowering information - that the world, is not set up for a person who wants to really discover their true self and live a fit healthy life, full of happiness and wonderful things. In fact, you might agree that it seems set up to do the opposite - discouraging us from our dreams.

So, what can be done?

You could make a choice. You could say: if I want to succeed with my goals, I will only watch TV and read newspapers that include content that inspires me towards where I want to be. Imagine what you will gain by the end of the TV programme. If you can’t see a gain or a pay-off from the broadcast, turn it off. By doing this you reclaim your control over your leisure time. You also block out things that can discourage you or make you feel bad about the world.

‘But I need to relax,’ you might say.

Do you get relaxed watching conflict, or news about death and destruction? Surely true relaxation is peace in the mind, or curling up on the sofa, playing Lego or hide-and-seek with your kids or having an early night with your lover.

But consider going one step further…

It’s all well and good cutting out all the negative, but you need to fill that space with something positive.

So here is what I’ve done.

I’ve surrounded myself with material from some of the world’s greatest minds: speakers, authors and advisors. If we could be mentored by an outstanding coach in an area of life we want to improve, and not have it cost us a fortune, it might well be of tremendous benefit. Rubbing shoulders with a great advisor could well be the inspiration I need to do something extraordinary: make a million, lose extra pounds, turn an iffy relationship into the most wonderful, romantic experience imaginable… or help us move on.

So what did I do?

I contacted some friends: some best-selling authors, some coaches and speakers, I admire. I told them I needed their help and inspiration. Then I set up a new media reference point: one packed with positive content, that will help people discover their true identity and live life to the fullest. What’s more I made it cost less about 1% of the annual charge of a daily newspaper!

Remember you have to looking for your opportunities. You won’t find them looking down at the pavement and your unlikely to find them in a newspaper or a TV show.

Think about the mouth-watering prospect of having information you can use to enhance life and have it cost you next to nothing!

Then think about your usual daily newspaper. Once you’ve read it, what can you do with the information you gather from it… other than feel depressed.

Now think again about the prospect of having positive content in your life. Think about the prospect of having great advice.

Which makes more sense?

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What if Best-selling author and former world champion athlete, Dan Millman became your coach, Jason Vale, the Juice Master your health advisor and top marketing guru Robert Middleton became your business mentor. And, what if you could get romance and dating tips from a top author, or if you could learn to understand your kids better, from expert coaches.

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