The 5-factor diet is a weight loss program that basically goes around with concepts that are linked to the number 5. This program was developed by Harley Pasternak and has been proven to bring about effective weight loss results within five weeks. Nevertheless, many users of this diet program have adopted the 5-factor diet into a longer term and a total lifestyle habit that exceeds the five-week duration of the program.

So How Does It Work?

The 5-factor diet permits five meals a day; in effect, it ultimately eradicates the usual cravings and hunger pangs that most dieters have to go through. And that is not all; the meals that are allowed are composed of five ingredients only; hence, every meal is easy to prepare. The key in this diet program is the meal schedules that do not wait for one to be hungry enough to gorge on food and eat like there's no tomorrow.

Now, if you are amazed with all the fives that you get in your diet, wait till you hear about the recommended exercise regimen. For your workouts, this program comes with specially-designed exercises that divide your total required physical activity into 25-minute workouts; twenty-five is a multiple of five. It has been determined that shorter but successive workouts are better than spending one big part of your day, say one to two hours, for exercise. The mini-workouts done several times a day can be more appealing and easier for those who want to lose weight; as such, they are less likely to abandon the program.

Of all the diet programs around, the 5-factor diet is the only one that allows cheating. Yes, with this program, you are entitled to five—you've guessed it—cheat days during the course of the program, which is five weeks. This means, dieters will be allowed to cheat on their diet for one day each week. But the key phrase here is restrained cheating; meaning, a certain degree of control is imposed even while dieters are allowed to cheat. This part of the program is essential to keep sanity among dieters, so to speak.

For instance, everyone may want to have a taste of that decadent cake once in a while; with the 5-factor diet, you can do so, only this time, be content with half or a full slice instead of a trayful of sugary cake. Cheat days play a key role in the success of this diet because dieters do not feel deprived and detached from the rest of the world.

Is It Healthy?

Many experts have rated the 5-factor diet as safe and healthy. More than the number five, the guiding principles of the diet program is actually lots of exercise and plenty of protein and fiber in one's diet. And unlike other diets that tend to make you feel that someone is holding a shotgun right up your head, the 5-factor diet program does not hold back on a lot of things.

Actually, this diet program is among the simplest ones that have ever been developed. No fancy recipes or food ingredients and definitely no climbing of Mt. Everest required. If you can focus on eating five meals a day, each on a sharp schedule, and take up increased amounts of physical activities that have been recommended and subdivided into several twenty-five-minute workouts in a day, then the 5-factor diet may just work for you.

Truly, there are diet programs that work and there are those that are simply absurd. There are many ways to lose all those extra pounds, but choosing the right one that will fit into your lifestyle is entirely left to you. You can also try products that increase your body's metabolism, just like Zyroxin. If you want more details on how to get back in shape, you can visit

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