Connecting Mind, Body, And Spirit

Meditation is a process of quieting down the mind and body, as well as obtaining alignment with spirit. With our bodies being the tangible, our spirit’s being the intangible and our minds, being part of both, it is easy to understand how all three function as parts of the whole. It is important to realize all three of theses aspects of our whole being in order to meditate successfully.

There are different methods of meditation that can be practiced effectively. The challenge is in finding which methods work best for you. I use my own special blends of techniques I’ve acquired over the years. Knowing what works best for you as an individual can only be done through actual practice. There are some basic methods that work well for most and then those that only work well for a few.

The following method is my share of what presently is working for me.

When I meditate, I work with seven basic methods and principles.

1.Breath: Producing the sound of deep breathing has a tranquil and healing effect. This is one of the teachings I gathered from the book ‘Bikram’s beginning Yoga Class‘. It is known to have a sensational healing tendency much the same as(from my perspective) the chanting of ’Ooom’. Both of which produce inner sound rhythms beneficial for whole body relaxation..

2.Prayer: This step is very important to me in that it assures that I am in alignment to the principles of Truth and Love. These two important potencies are acknowledging Truth and not my own understanding, along with making sure prayer is to GOD, creator of all things and not a lesser god. This is not religion. Rather it is the recognition of the higher power and it’s role in life.

3.Chakra Cleansing: This one is fairly new to me. However from my understanding Chakra channel energy up and down through seven points of the spine, as well as in and out in a give and take breathing formation. The importance of cleansing the Chakra is to keep paths clear and functioning well. There is a bit of detail that goes along with this technique, but as I mentioned, I am new to this one, and still learning.

4. Count Down To Relaxation: My very first experience in how to meditate was in counting down from 10 - 0 as a relaxing technique. With each descending number take a deep breath in, hold it, and then release air out slowly. This is done as you go deeper down into relaxation until you reach zero. The objective here is to achieved total relaxation.

5.Clearing The Mind: This is also a part of the countdown process. Sometimes after using the count down method, thoughts are still racing through the brain. If so, letting go of hard to release thoughts may take focusing on deep breathing again or even repeating the count down process.

6. Acknowledging and feeling Chi : This is where one connects to the life force that is in every thing. This is also where the principles of Truth and LOVE come into effect. Gratitude (in my opinion) is a great stimulator of Chi.

7.Visualization: The final portion of my share here is in a method used in the law of attraction. Visualizing in order to attract the kind of day I want or focusing on the things I aim to manifest.

It is good to realize that meditation is like taking out the garbage. In all aspects of life we need to get rid of waste on a regular basis. The benefits of meditation are often overlooked or dismissed as unnecessary or too weird. However it is very important in rejuvenating effects and connecting mind body and spirit as a whole.

Daily Meditate Is A Healthy And Wise Choice In Traveling Life's Journey Wholesomely.

One of the tools used to determine what works best for is The Wild Divine Project.
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Traveling life’s journey one step at a time as I practice law of attraction techniques. Unfolding lasting effects while learning and practicing the art of living purposely.
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