She was beautiful. She was popular. I wanted to walk up to her and say something clever so she would know that I liked her. I was different than all the jerks she went out with. So I walked up to Tina and told her that I liked her and that we should go out. She smiled and said "Why thank you. You would make any girl happy but you and I can only be friends."

Back then I just didn't get it. That was many years ago and today I can talk to any woman, anytime, and anywhere. I can also get a date whenever I want. I see men make the same mistakes over and over again. So here are 5 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make that get in the way of having better results with beautiful women.

Mistake #1) Acting Needy: One of the biggest secrets of attraction and seduction is a man who appears like he does NOT need a woman. Men buy women drinks in bars. They buy them gifts, vacations, and even cars. Yes, I've seen this my own two eyes.

If a woman is not interested in you then you need to learn how to move on. When you see a woman, interact with her and her friends, you cannot appear needy on ANY level. You must behave as though you do not need their company or their approval. Neediness is very unattractive to women and VERY unattractive to the hottie who can have any man she wants.

Mistake #2) Not Understanding How Attraction Works: A man sees a woman and he becomes attracted. A woman sees a man and thinks "I wonder what he's like?" or "Ewww, I would never date that guy!".

Women become attracted to a man VERY differently than men become attracted to women. If you check out the magazine rack you'll see automobile. sports, and other men's interest magazines littered with covers and ads full of attractive women. You don't see much of that in women's magazines.

Since most men don't understand how attraction works they do things like try to impress them or even worse, they try and CONVINCE her that he's that "nice guy". It just doesn't work.

Mistake #3) Having A One-Way Interaction: Ever approach a woman, ask her a question and she only gave you a one word answer? Then you tried again and you got another one? She's clearly not interested, but somewhere in your mind you FEEL that if you just keep on talking you might wear her out. Her REAL, true and caring self will come forth.

If you want to build attraction in women you have to let them participate. This is one reason why pick up lines, magic tricks, and entertaining women doesn't work because men aren't doing this right. If you EXPECT her to participate with what you're trying to do then it makes her more comfortable because you are wanting to know her and not just after her for her looks.

Mistake #4)) No Dating Funnel: A man walks up to a woman, users a clever opener, get's her phone number, calls her a couple days later, he sets up a first date and then they go out. It doesn't work out so he has to start all over again.

A HUGE mistake men make is that they only talk to, flirt, and meet one woman at a time. Imagine how much more powerful your confidence and body language would be if you knew you had 2, 3, or even 8 other dates right after your first one?

You wouldn't act needy. You would be more relaxed and you would NOT think and feel like you HAD to make it work out with any one particular woman. Which leads us to....

Mistake #5) Tunnel Vision: This is when a man FEELS and THINKS he has to make it work out with ANY one particular woman. Men that have their choice of women rarely ever
get tunnel vision because they know they can always meet another woman. Whereas a man who doesn't have any game or pick up skills finds himself alone on the weekends, drinking beer, and wondering why life is so unfair.

He mopes around because one particular woman did not like him.

If you can get a handle on these 5 Common Dating Mistakes then you won't suffer from tunnel vision, you won't act needy, your confidence will begin to skyrocket, and you'll never have to "perform" in front of a group of women because you know that if they won't commit to a two-way interaction, you're gone.

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