Most people have some sort of belief about how they should apply positive thinking to their lives. However most people may also be making this common positive thinking mistake. Indeed so harmful can this mistake be that it could easily be severely holding you back.

The mistake I am referrring to is better understood by way of an example. Often people will pray/ask or think positively regarding attaining something. Now the problem with this is then people wait for some sort of answer, response or sign for them to continue and go any further. Often this sign is not forthcoming and then people give-up thinking that positive thinking or prayer power doesn't work. Well I mean quite obviously nothing will happen because all you have done is sat and thought about wanting to do something or for something to happen.

I am not saying don't pray but what I am saying is first make a choice of what you want to achieve then take some action towards your goal. By doing this you will be able to assess by using your feelings if you are doing the right thing or night. By actually taking action you will get either a good or bad feeling about what you are doing. If it feels correct and right for you then continue, if it does not feel so good then back off and try something different.

I know this approach is the reverse of the traditional ask and receive but did you ever sit there and ask for something and then get it without any effort or I thought not. And besides if you are always waiting for something to happen and something randomly does happen to shape your life then who is actually in control of your life, certainly not you thats for sure but by actually taking the first step you put yourself firmly in the driving seat of your life... a significant difference.

The premise for this theory is that we are made in the image and likeness of god. We do indeed have god like qualities, we are free to create what we truly want. I am sure you are familiar with the mind-body-spirit, father-son-holy ghost, id-ego-superego which all pretty much add up to the same thing: thought-word-action. Well if you embrace all three of these aspects in your life by aligning your thoughts-words-deeds you will indeed find that you are able to create and take control of your life. In this way you really are able to display god-like qualities.

However if all you do is sit there asking and expecting someone or something to do it for you then i am sorry but you may be waiting for quite a while. So Instead I urge you to take action and then go by your instincts and feelings to establish if it is the correct thing for you. Use your feelings as a guidance system and trust them! They are truly a wonderful gift. So go ahead and create the life that you want and which you are perfectly capable of creating. However, remember this: whether you think you can or you can't either way you will be right!

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