In my articles I often stress the importance of keeping your thoughts as positive as possible and to balance up your negative thoughts with positive ones. You know, in todays society a lot of people tend to choose a negative view on things and look for reasons why something wouldn't work. However, keeping your own thoughts and feelings positive amongst this negativity is crucial when you are on a journey to achieve your big goals and dreams. It is these positive feelings of gratitude and anticipating of your dream life that assist you in attracting this dream life to your reality. As you will always have negative/dis empowering thoughts now and then, it is important to consciously work on creating positive thoughts as well by using positive visualization, creating a gratitude journal, creating a plan of action etc.

A similar principle could be applied to the people around you. Some people can be real "dream stealers" (I am sure you have come across at least one of them....) and you can really let them affect your attitude about your goals and dreams in a negative way. Other people on the other hand will encourage you to go for your dreams and will be able to inspire you in times you need some encouragement.

The easiest thing would be to just "let go" of these negative people around you, but that is not always as easy if it concerns your mother, brother or a close work colleague you have to deal with in your daily activities. Apart from consciously trying to "block" the energy around their negative comments and input, it is important to actively surround yourself with positive, like minded people who share your "big thinking" and are open to the magnitude of some of your dreams. So think about it...

"Do the people around you inspire you to act upon and achieve your goals?"

If a lot or most of them don't, it is time to take some action to balance up the energy around you and create a more inspiring, empowering environment. Join inspiring groups, communities, etc., that are like minded and focused on making things happen instead of on problems. People that are interested to work on their goals and connect with others who want to do the same. Look for articles, books and other resources that describe success stories, personal journeys and valuable tips on how to achieve your goals. It will be a "shower of light" for you to be surrounded by this positiveness!

One resource that will certainly assist you in this process, is a new on line visualization community called VisionLounge. is the most empowering community of people with a common goal to achieve their Goals and Dreams, sharing a Journey and inspiring others in the process! VisionLounge offers you a supportive environment to learn, grow and be inspired and to connect with people who are visioneers like yourself! This valuable community is offered completely free of charge, and anyone can join! Reading other people's goals and connecting about common interests really creates an environment for you that is positive and that helps you vibrate on a high energy level. This will assist you in manifesting your Vision.

So make sure not to get influenced by negative people around you who try to convince you that your Goals are not 'realistic' or achievable. Your Goals are always worth believing in, and working for. Keep positive and surround yourself as much as possible with people who appreciate and applaud your Goals, who have huge goals themselves and inspire you to dream even bigger! Remember: no dream is too big, ever!

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