December 22 – January 19

Moon Crystal: Snow Quartz
Intuition Crystal: Phantom Quartz

When your moon is in Capricorn you tend to be responsible and trustworthy in all areas of your life and in a relationship you are very dependable with a true commitment.

Carrying and/or wearing a Snow Quartz gives you the support you need, so you are not burdened down with your baggage and taps you into your inner wisdom. It also assists you in accomplishing your obligations smoothly and lets you feel your need of being useful and needed.

You can tend to have the feeling of not being loved and rather cut off from others, which can make you repress your feelings and the feeling of not being able to get your emotional needs met; carrying and/or wearing Magnesite helps you to be able to love yourself and also accept love from others. You want to stay balanced in this area as when your Moon is working for you it taps into your spiritual side and gives you great comfort.

Iron Pyrite is a important crystal for you to carry as it assists in your tendency of having an inferiority complex, it gives you self confidence when you need it the most, this crystal should be worn at all times. You are prone to depression and dark melancholy and this stone releases these feelings for you.

If you are a male and your moon is in Capricorn you could be rather detached from your feminine side and to get in touch with that and smooth this out for you the best crystal is Moonstone, it is perfect for the macho man or an aggressive female, it assists in balancing these negative traits out.

As you can tell you are a moon sign of many feelings and they are all good, however, they do need balancing out so that they don't control you and turn you into a controlling person. Blue Agate helps with all of these feelings of inadequacy and emotional blocks that seem to be all around you, it creates an emotion of being able to express your feelings with ease and to also understand them and be able to move forward comfortably in your life and being.

Use Green Calcite for getting rid of old beliefs and that judgmental feeling that you can tend to have, it supports you from feeling overwhelmed by responsibility that is strong in your personality. You can also be rather persistent and dynamic along with needing emotional control and to balance all of this out carry and/or wear Rhodochronsite and you will feel much calmer and balanced.

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