When you stop to think about your life, what lens do you typically use to view it? If you're stressed out, frustrated, and discouraged, perhaps it's time to switch lenses and adopt an attitude of gratitude in your life. As you read this article, please keep in mind these three important benefits of cultivating gratitude:

1) You start to notice the things in your life that are working, that are pretty great right now.
2) You begin to attract more of what you do want because your focus has shifted.
3) You will feel more peace and contentment with your life, exactly as it is.

It's very common, especially in these hectic and stressful times, for moms to feel like nothing is going right. You look around, and all you see is the chaos. You get together with other moms, and everyone complains about how bad things are. You become so accustomed to focusing on what's wrong, on what's not working, that you miss out on the opportunities to notice what is working in your life. This is where gratitude comes in.

Gratitude can be a very powerful habit when it's practiced on a regular basis. That's why I am asking you to consider changing the lens through which you view your life. Just like when a person gets a different prescription for their glasses or contact lenses, when you shift to a lens of gratitude you will start to see your world differently. And, over time, as you continue with this new “prescription”, you will experience amazing results.

You can start changing your perspective this very moment, no matter what's going on in your life. Wherever you are, take a moment to look around and find something for which you can be grateful. For example, whereas you may have zeroed in on the piles of clutter on your desk, now you can give thanks for your computer and for internet access. Or perhaps you always notice the shoes that are left in the hallway, but this time you make a shift to feeling grateful that your children hang up their coats everyday. Or maybe you feel like there's never enough time for everything that you need to do; you're working, taking care of your children, and also taking some classes for a degree. You can continue to sit with that frustration, of there not being more time. Or you can shift your focus to appreciating that you have options in your life, and noticing all of the choices that are available to you.

Can you feel the difference? And what's really amazing is that nothing has actually changed on the outside, but because of this inner shift you will begin to feel different. You will experience more peace and contentment with your life, just as it is. This inner shift can bring you immediate relief, and over the long term you will actually attract more of what you want because your focus has changed. You are more conscious of what you do want in your life, you're noticing and appreciating what's already working, and more of that will be sent your way.

It takes time to really develop this attitude of gratitude, especially when your default mode of seeing the world is so ingrained. I encourage you to start small, and to give yourself the opportunity to gradually move into the process. You can begin by asking yourself some questions: What is it about your life, that is working right now, that you can start to notice? What about your kids is absolutely wonderful, right now, today? What about your home? Do you have healthy food to eat? I'm sure you're getting the idea. And, just like with any habit, the more you practice, the easier and more natural it becomes.

Over the next few days, I invite you to notice at least 3 things in your life that are working. Be grateful and offer appreciation for these. Then check in with how you're feeling to see if anything has shifted in you. You will more than likely start to notice a difference, and the people around you will notice it, too.

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From Amy E. Willard – The Courage Coach for Moms

Copyright 2008 – Courageous Motherhood

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Amy E. Willard is the Courage Coach for Moms. She supports moms who are seeking more peace, contentment, and joy and helps them develop the courage to create the lives that they desire, from the inside out. For more information, please visit CourageousMotherhood.com.