Urban Myth: Curiosity killed the cat.
To the contrary, it was curiosity that gave the cat nine lives.

A client recently told me he had no reason to get out of bed in the morning--every day was the same. How sad, I thought. There are so many distinctions I would love to learn that it would take many, many lifetimes.

For example, I recently had an “image consultant” teach me about color. For almost sixty years I have been oblivious to skin undertones, complimenting hair and eye color, etc. Now when I see someone, or even a picture of someone who looks fabulous, I try to figure out what about their wardrobe is working so well.

I know physical therapists who can tell you a great deal about a person’s health, just by watching them walk. I know shoe sales people who can tell what’s wrong with how you walk by looking at your shoes. When I hear a speaker or comedian, I’m not just interested in the content, I’m trying to figure out what is working well and what would make it better.

I would love to have the perceptive skills of Sherlock Holmes or Adrian Monk. Merely having the belief that you haven’t scratched the surface of fascinating distinctions to learn and striving to learn life’s nuances help you live longer, healthier, and happier. As for that client, I suggested some little things he could do to have a reason to get out of bed. Perhaps I’ll eventually get him to become insatiably curious.

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