Basically you have two options when you are considering your wedding invitation. You can hire a printer to make the wedding invitation for you. On the other hand, you can also adopt the idea of DIY wedding invitation and create the cards yourself. You may have already thought about creating the wedding cards yourself. This can be a wise decision since a DIY wedding card bears a lot of advantages.

There is no doubt that budget is one of the most essential issues you need to consider when you are planning your wedding stationery. In fact the cost of a DIY card can be just a fraction of an invitation printed by the printing company. In terms of production, the unit price of a card will only drop significantly if the quantity of production is something like ten thousand. It can be certain that no one couple in the world will need this quantity of wedding cards. For DIY wedding cards, on the contrary, a lower unit price can be attained even if you are going to make fifty pieces only. As a result, DIY can be your best option if you are going to hold a wedding which is small in scale.

Moreover, you will get more options for the design of the cards. The templates provided by most printing companies are usually of limited choices. If you would like to have more choices or make a really unique and special card, you may probably need to hire a professional designer to work out the design with you. However, it will certainly imply that the budget will be a lot higher. For the idea of DIY, you may even choose to make every wedding card unique. In this case every guest will receive a different wedding invitation. This in fact can be a very interesting idea if all these unique cards are somehow like puzzles. You may tell your guests to bring the invitations to the reception and then you can put the invitations together so that everyone can see the whole picture of the puzzles. Your guests will be amazed when they know that their invitations are part of a big puzzle design.

You will probably print your wedding cards using your printer at home. Besides the printed part, you will also have parts that has to be hand-made. Hand-made works can add a human touch to the wedding invitations. Besides, you will be proud of what you have done when you talk about your invitation with your guests. The amazing part of a DIY card is that it is something made by you. And this will already make the wedding invitation a unique one.

Even if you have enough budget and you are going to hire a graphic designer to design your wedding invitation with you, it is still suggested that you ask your designer to leave part of the design to be hand-made. As discussed above, it will make your wedding card more unique. The design will certainly be enhanced if there is a hand-made part.

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