The Vedas are the records of eternal wisdom. They are divine truths that transcend religion. The Vedas reveal the transcendent unity of life that underlies the differentiated perceptual world. The truth expounded in the Vedas may be held by some to be a philosophy or a religious doctrine. However, it is also a basic scientific truth. Albeit this truth has been found throughout religious teachings does not make the truth religious. It is a universal truth applicable to one’s daily spiritual life and business life as well.

The essence of the entire Vedas is found in the Bhagavad Gita, the scripture of yoga. It is in the Bhagavad Gita that the formula for the realization of God as the Unity underlying creation is given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. And, the essence of the Bhagavad Gita is found in Chapter two, Verses 45 and 48. It is in these two verses where the technique for God realization, and success in life is revealed.

Referring to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad Gita, A New Translation and Commentary, (Maharishi University of Management Press), Verse 45. Maharishi explains,

“…And the Lord says to Arjuna: The field of that absolute wisdom is not outside you. You have not to go out anywhere to acquire it. It is within you. You only have to be within yourself, ‘possessed of the Self,’ ever firm in the purity of your Being… Arjuna is not asked to come or go anywhere; he is only asked to ‘be without the three gunas.’”

To be without the three gunas is the technique for becoming “possessed of the Self.” Maharishi further explains,

“…Let yourself be possessed by your Self. Once you are possessed by your Self the purpose of all wisdom has been achieved. There the Vedas end. That is the end of the journey of life; that is the state of fulfillment.
Here is a technique that enables every man to come to the great treasure-house within himself and so rise above all sorrows and uncertainties in life. From this verse onwards, the entire teaching of the Bhagavad Gita proclaims the glory of achieving the state of the Transcendent.

It is this transcendental state of Being that enables a man to become a karma yogi, one who is successful on the path of action. It is this that enables a man to become a bhakta, one who is successful on the path of devotion, and it is this that enables a man to become a gyani, one who is successful on the path of knowledge.”

In Verse 48 the Lord states, “Established in Yoga, O winner of wealth, perform actions…”

Referring to excerpts of Maharishi’s commentary,

“…Lord Krishna…advises Arjuna to attain the state of cosmic intelligence and then to act from that high state of freedom in life…

The regular practice of Transcendental Meditation is the direct way of rising to the state of transcendental Being and establishing it in the very nature of the mind, so that irrespective of the mind’s engagements in the conflicts inherent in the diversities of life, the structure of Unity in eternal freedom is naturally maintained and life is not lost to itself.”

The essence of this verse is interpreted by Maharishi as ”yogastah kuru karmani,” “established in Being perform action.” Being is that Godhead within each of us. It is only by coming into contact with our own inner divine nature, the Godhead within us, that we can perform successful action. It is not possible to have any happiness of a permanent nature without this contact. So, this verse teaches one to have one’s awareness established in God Consciousness while performing action. This is the ancient formula for achieving success.

This truth is universal and is found expressed throughout religion. In Vedic literature this truth has been expressed as “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am the totality). In the Muslim tradition this has been expressed as “ana’l-Hagg” (I am the truth). In Christian terms, they say “The Kingdom of Heaven lies within.”

Since we are living in a scientific age, the age of science and reason, we can view God’s will and the mechanism of differentiation, and the technique of Self-referral, i.e., the technique to know its divine Self, Being, from a scientific perspective. In scientific terms it is said that there is a ground state, a unified field, a quantum mechanical ground state, that itself is unchanging, but from which all material manifestations come. Transcendental Meditation practitioner and physicist Dr. John Hagelin refers to this unified field as “pure consciousness,” from where all manifested creation comes. We can refer to this unified field from the perspective of a quantum mechanical vacuum state from where all relativity comes, or from a field of pure undifferentiated consciousness; that field of pure Being that permeates everything; that omnipotent, omniscient field of divine consciousness that gives rise to creation from within itself; that field of all possibilities, the home of all the laws of nature; that divine will, the will of God.

Fortunately, due to the Holy Tradition of India’s lineage of great masters the special technique for attaining this inward absorption with one's inner Self has been preserved. The latest in this tradition was His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagadguru, Bhagwan Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas. He gave the technique for achieving the integration of life to his most revered disciple, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is Maharishi who has envisioned spiritually regenerating the world and has, over the last fifty years, spread this knowledge throughout the world under the term Transcendental Meditation program, and its advanced form the TM-Sidhi program.

Maharishi takes the Vedic truths, the essence of the Bhagavad Gita, and looks at it from a scientific perspective. He shows how by first contacting Being through the simple practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM), one can attain greater success in all areas of one’s life. TheTranscendental Meditation technique is a simple procedure whereby every individual can directly experience that universal divine truth common to all religions, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, or any religion.

The TM technique uses the natural tendency of the mind. The natural tendency of the mind is to go to a field of greater happiness. It is the experience of over five million practitioners of the TM technique around the world that as the mind experiences increasingly finer levels there is more charm, so the mind naturally wants to keep diving deeper within its own self, finally arriving at that state where it transcends the finest level of thought to experience the source of thought, transcendental pure consciousness, samadhi. This experience of samadhi happens with the very first stroke of one’s practice. The experience is momentary at first and continues to grow with continued practice.

Maharishi states, “The practice of Yoga was understood to start with yama, niyama, and so on (the secular virtues), whereas in reality it should begin with samadhi. Samadhi cannot be gained by the practice of yama, niyama, and so on. Proficiency in the virtues can only be gained by repeated experiences of samadhi.”

Maharishi states that the TM technique is unique in the world today because, unlike other techniques and practices, the TM technique begins with the experience of samadhi, and as a virtue of that experience, all good comes to the person, and as the experience grows with repeated practice one’s health and interpersonal relations improve and success and prosperity grow.

Maharishi’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita is unique, but he has the technique to back up his translation. His translation is not theoretical. It is the experience of over five million people around the world from all walks of life who have begun the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. The efficacy of the Transcendental Meditation technique as the most potent means of Self-referral (attaining God Consciousness) has been proven scientifically with over 600 research studies conducted at 200 independent universities and research institutions in thirty-three countries. That is why Transcendental Meditation is being so rapidly embraced by people all over the world, and is being implemented throughout the business world.

For example, the Transcendental Meditation technique is widely practiced by the industrial and governmental leaders of India. Recently, Transcendental Meditation has been introduced to the multinational giants of India, Tata Tea Ltd., and Tata Chemicals where 20,000 managers and employees of Tata Tea and 6,000 of Tata Chemicals have taken part in the program. Other renowned companies who have implemented the TM program for their employees include: Associated Cement, India Aluminum, Rickitt & Colman, Oriental Bank of Commerce, SRF, Eveready, Tata Unisys, BHEL, Jindal Polyester, India Petro Chemicals Ltd., Anand Group, DCM Shiram, Finolex, Hewlett Packard India, DCM Financial Services, Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation, SWIL, Williamson Magor and Co., and Kribhco.

Further, South India Research Institute Ltd. (SIRIS) that comprises 16 industries manufacturing basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and edible oils, have a large majority of their 3,000 employees practicing the TM technique. SIRIS Chairman, G.S. Raju, stated,
“Transcendental Meditation is practiced during working hours twenty minutes twice a day. Apart from improving performance, this has helped the progress of the company. Workers now work only 7 hours but produce 10 hours worth of output. Before learning Transcendental Meditation in 8 hours of work the productivity was equivalent to only 6 hours - an increase of productivity by 57%. In addition, there was a marked reduction in stress, reduced absenteeism, and the workers reported less fatigue, worries, and anxiety. We have found a more relaxed, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and working climate in our companies.”

In the West, General Motors Corporation, Toyota Motor Company, Coors Company, and Ericsson are some major corporations that have supported Transcendental Meditation for their employees.

The Transcendental Meditation technique provides an easy means for anyone to connect with one’s own inner Being, and from that level perform action, and thereby attain greater success in all areas of one's life. This is the Vedic secret to success. All managers and employers should introduce the Transcendental Meditation technique to their employees. Watch their happiness and productivity increase, and the business grow in success and prosperity.

Copyrighted 2005, Vincent J. Daczynski

Author's Bio: 

In 1969, Mr. Daczynski resigned from his position as National Manager of Field Engineering with a New York City based leasing company to study in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi where he became qualified as a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Subsequently, he joined Singer Business Machine Company as product service manager, advanced systems, during which time he also established a Transcendental Meditation club for his co-workers. He later changed careers to stockbroker and introduced the TM program to fellow salesmen. Daczynski, who also completed sales training in real estate and insurance, realized the direct benefits of the TM program as a sales training tool and developed his lecture notes into this highly useful book.