We are too often in our heads or running around like crazy. We are missing out on the connection that is most important to our sustained energy and our physical well-being. To be grounded you must feel your feet resting on the earth and receiving energy from the earth. A grounded person is “in the moment”--aware of their thoughts and of the people around them.

Being grounded or connected to the earth, keeps your energy up all day long. If you have a massage or any energy work done, you may notice the power of the therapist? Your therapist or energy worker is fully grounded and present in the moment. This power and energy is available to you, too.

Being grounded will keep you from getting pulled this way and that as the day’s ups and downs come along. You will be able to listen better at work and at home because you will be fully present with the speaker.

1. Roll your shoulders slowing forward and then backward four or five times. Notice the tension release as you breathe and move your body.

2. Stop and notice your breathing. No judging, just notice.

3. Use a stop light as an opportunity to take a deep, relaxing breath.

4. Stand without your shoes and feel your feel touching the ground. Feel the support on your toes, your heals and the insteps of your feet.

5. Take a walk outside and notice the trees around you. Trees are a wonderful example to us--their roots firmly planted and branches reaching high.

6. Imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet into the ground to firmly tie you to the core of the earth. Feel the energy coming up from the earth into your body with any excess flowing back down into the earth.

7. Observe your thoughts. Yes, just stop and notice what you were thinking. Are you off in the ozone or present to your current experience.

8. Give yoga or tai chi a try. These ancient practices get us into our bodies and slow us down to become aware of our movements.

9. When the weather cooperates, get outside to be on the ground or to garden. Nothing like getting our hands in dirt to get us grounded and present.

10. Do regular grounding meditations. Taking the time to connect to the earth energy and setting the goal of an all day connection is a valuable practice. Download a grounding meditation in PDF format at www.coachcatalyst.com/links.htm

Being fully present and grounded is beneficial to our physical health as well. We are more likely to notice energy overloads that may lead to illness when we are aware of our bodies. We can begin working with the energy for change before the dis-ease develops further.

Being present and connected to the earth will give you great resources of energy. And stopping to re-ground keeps the energy flowing all day long.

Copyright 2004, Eva Dahm.

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