Meditation is more than just a way to feel better in the moment. Meditation is a transformational pathway to your best self. Transformation is not a passive activity. Even a caterpillar may appear on the outside to be resting in its cocoon, but, in fact, there are many changes beneath the surface to become a beautiful butterfly.

Look at your life, really look – where is there lack? Is there no love or joy? Are there aches and pains, maybe even money problems? Has your life become full of “not enoughs?” Guess what? It didn’t happen overnight. There were many choices and decisions that have lead you to this place. A large measure of what has lead you to a “less-than” life is your belief system formed through the conditioning of your childhood, social status and economic level. This belief system most likely is sabotaging your life right now.

For example, if you were like me and raised in an alcoholic, violent home, you may have issues with safety – not feeling safe, not trusting. These unconscious messages of, “you are not safe. Nobody is trustworthy,” cycles over and over in your mind and in your heart sabotaging you choices and decisions.

Instead of discovering the abundant life that surrounds you right now, you draw into your life people and experiences that validate the belief of, “I am not safe.” This belief may well have been true when you were a child, but now you are an adult. This thought pattern no longer serves you, but traps you in an unhappy, frustrated experience.

How to make a change? Try adding daily guided meditation – a path to release self-defeating patterns and thoughts and begin to integrate a new, abundant belief system into your life. Why daily? It takes time. It took you years to lock these unconscious negative thought patterns into place. So, it would stand to reason, that it would take some time to establish new ways of thinking and being.

Once you’ve established a new, healthy belief system, daily meditation continues to support and connect you to your best self each day. Meditation grounds you to the present moment and provides you the space to focus on manifesting your most abundant life today. Doors open and opportunities appear.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Ballard is an Intuitive Guide and Healer specializing in helping others to discover positive solutions for immediate change in their lives. Through private sessions and meditations, Kelly uses a variety of techniques to release blocks, enabling people to experience their most abundant and prosperous lives today. Kelly is also a speaker and a regular contributor to the widely read spiritual magazine, The Odyssey. To read more about her services and CDs, please visit her web site .