Although I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking I also realise the dangers and pitfalls of this approach. If you have ever tried to kid yourself that everything will be fine and glossed over certain issues because you wanted to avoid them, or did not know how to deal with them... your misguided positive thinking has in all likelihood hindered you rather than helped you.

I'm sure many of us have encountered the problem of the paying of bills and might be familiar with the following comments: 'I'll just put it on the plastic this month' or 'Oh, It'll be fine, I'll find the money from somewhere.' Clearly things weren't fine and in fact needed figuring-out and not glossing over.

The biggest danger of doing this is that deep down you know that you are not confronting the issue and this thought remains in your mind, slowly growing until it ultimately manifests in your life. In this case your overdraft runs out, your credit card bills have doubled and so on. When this does happen you are then forced to accept that situation anyway and the fact that you have actually allowed this to happen though your own lack of action. A far cry indeed from positive thinking.

Now we are all aware of the folly of such an approach so how best could we tackle problem situations? Well, try tackling them head on for a start. By working them out with a positive approach you will both remove the nagging negative feelings at the back of your mind whilst also providing the best platform possible for your future success.

I know what your probably asking now:
'How can I confront a problem positively?'

Well one way to do so is through a questioning approach. The premise behind this technique is the old addage:

'Asking the best questions, invites the best results'

Here are a few questions you may wish to ask yourself regarding any problem or issue you are trying to resolve:

What is the root cause of this problem?

What am I thinking or doing to create this issue in my life?

What contributing factors and circumstances are out of my control?

What strengths do I have available to me to combat this situation?

What are the possible options available to me to overcome this problem?

Whom could I ask for advice on this specific problem?

What action can I take right now to start to resolve this situation?

Which path of action will be most benficial to me long term?

Here is a more specific example: If your searching for direction in life, feeling life is too mundane, feeling in need of inspiration or motivation then try answering these questions honestly.

1. What is my innermost desire for my life right now?

2. What are my top goals for this month and year?

3. Why are these the best goals for me to be aiming for?

4. How can I most quickly and realistically achieve these outcomes?

5. What am I doing to ensure that I am seizing the moment and actively manifesting these goals?

Questions are a great way of identifying exactly what your inner thoughts and feelings are. Whilst the answers may not become apparent immediately... once the mind has been questioned it then at least has the opportunity to provide the answer. If you don't ask the question, you certainly are not going to get the answer!

Many of the great minds of the world have been the ones that have also asked the best questions. In closing then do not overlook problems or difficult situations, instead view them as opportunities for you to achieve the best results through asking the best questions.

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