Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Ted Bundy.

What did they all have in common: Sanpaku!! What is it?

When we’re born, our eyes are perfectly balanced between the upper and lower eyelids. They touch so no white shows below or above the iris. It indicates a balanced and healthy person.

As we grow older, even in childhood, three-sided white can show around the iris. This is cause for concern. It indicates the nervous system is seriously out of balance. It’s a warning.

The person’s peripheral vision is off, their intuition is off, and their ability to comprehend situations and people is weak. Their mind, body, and spirit is “out of harmony” with the energies of the universe.

The three-sided white is called “Sanpaku” in the Orient. There are two type of sanpaku.

1. Yin sanpaku has the white showing under the iris. (This is common among drug addicts.) The iris is pulled up showing white under the iris.
The yin condition indicates dangers coming from outside forces coming towards them. It may be dangerous or threatening situations are coming, and they may not survive.
This can result because of too much; sugar, refined foods, refined grains (junk food), and medical drugs. It will help to clean up their diet.

2. Yang sanpaku has white showing above the iris. Here the iris sinks down towards the bottom lid. This reveals a dangerous and violent character.

This is a person who is self-centered, and out to fulfill their own objectives, without regarding for anything or anyone else.
The yang condition indicates dangerous forces are within the person. They can become extremely violent, filled with rage, and likely to pose a threat to others
and themselves. They may destroy themselves, and take others with them.

This can result because of too much; meat, salt, and hard cheeses. It will help if they clean up their diet.

When a person dies, the iris is pulled up into the eye socket, so it disappears under the upper eyelid. Sanpaku is common among people who are exhausted or sick.

It’s most severe to those who are very sick and approaching death.

Sanpaku predicted the deaths of the famous people above.

By the way, if you ever see someone with four-sided white (the iris has white all around it), don’t walk---run away!!!

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